We are happy that our outside rear view mirror on our van is fixed. It is like finding a lost favorite pillow or something. However, it was probably a business mistake to admit in writing in this column last week that the “cost didn’t matter.” Our advice to our readers is just don’t knock off the mirror. Let our lesson be your lesson as well.

We expected the deer hunters excited over being able to hunt over baited fields to swamp us with complaints and/or justification for the relaxing of the law. About the only thing we would have accepted is the over abundance of deer compared to the limited available grass in the woods (and food plots).

President Donald Trump did a smart thing when he withdrew plans to host that big world leaders conference at his Florida complex. While he might not have been expecting to make a dollar (above expenses) off the meeting, apparently the uproar was more than even he wanted to weather. It would be hard to prove he wasn’t making any money, because of the ability to juggle income and expenses. He would also have benefited from the publicity from the complex name being used a million times around the world. For whatever reason he canceled, it was for the best.

We keep hearing of more folks vying for the U. S. House of Representatives position being vacated by the incumbent, Republican Martha Roby. Of course by the time the ballots are printed, many of these will have dropped by the wayside for various reasons. Probably the biggest reason (and most logical) will be an obvious lack of voter support and/or campaign donations. We don’t mean that to be sarcastic, because our system of government is based on good people being willing to step forward and offer their services to the country.

We are grateful for the rains of the past week. Over several days the rainfall has added up into several inches of much needed moisture. It was doubly good that the rains were slow drizzles, giving more of the water time to seep into the ground, rather than rushing down the ditches to the rivers and out to sea. Along with that, this area has dodged the bullet a couple of times on severe weather events. Lots of things to be thankful for.

Flu season is here. There have been some local folks coming down with this virus already but in other parts of the country it is taking a much larger bite out of society. The shot is painless, even for those of us who don’t like needles and a whole lot less inconvenient than a case of flu.

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