We are actually getting some meaningful rain in South Alabama as the halfway point of June 2019, slides pass us. However, according to the experts, each of us needs to enjoy and appreciate these rain showers because they will not last. Said experts are warning Alabama farmers to be prepared for a long, hot summer as 2019, will go in the history books as a drought year.

Last week, we noted here that Alabama voters will be voting on a major change in state school-board members (appointed or elected). That is not the only thing us real-smart voters will be deciding at the polls, but we are not sure just how many pertain to us in Coffee County. Our goal was to get an accurate count to talk about this week but alas the number is elusive. The people smart enough to figure out that total have yet to share it with us, and we come up with different numbers each time we run a tally. Don’t worry, there are several months left to worry about these little voting issues so, hang in there (and maybe help us get that count).

The ongoing publicity disaster ripping at Boeing Aircraft just will not stop and probably shouldn’t. One thing that pops up on our brain with every mention of “Boeing” is the saying of an old Army buddy who has now passed away. After our military service he bounced around but ended up in his dream job as an airline pilot . . . flying various Boeing aircraft. He loved flying and Boeing aircraft almost equally. In fact, his vocal position to his scheduling bosses at United Airlines was, “If it ain’t Boeing, I ain’t going.” He had enough seniority that he got away with that position. His heart would be broken if he was here to witness the poor judgement and apparent lack of caring from the folks building the Boeing aircraft of today. The announcement this week that President Trump was going to immediately begin deporting millions of illegal immigrants has shaken up some folks and given the 24-hour news channels fresh (or refreshed) talking points. First, it isn’t going to happen. If the feds had the manpower and time, lawsuits up the stove pipe would bog it all down in the courts. The end results are that Trump gets his base excited ‘because he tried.’ He also continues to largely control what is in the news . . talking about the deporting of immigrants rather than bad news polls, etc. of the 2020 presidential election.

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