Seven Alabama law enforcement officers were killed in the line of duty over the past 13 months. Attorney General Steve Marshall has been known to ‘play to the audience’ with his press conferences but the discussion in this Tuesday’s conference goes far beyond anyone’s political ambitions. These violent deaths are part of a growing unrest in America, one that definitely needs addressing and sooner rather than later. These killings and the unrest in national politics are all symptoms of a populace that is restless, floundering – or worse - maybe frightened. We don’t have any answers in this very serious matter, but something needs to be done to reverse the direction our society is tumbling into with no bottom in sight. Law enforcement is a hazardous job in the best of times, but it is clearly getting more dangerous by the hour. While we are hoping for a positive solution to this issue, it is our suggestion that each of our readers never miss a chance to thank a law enforcement officer for their efforts to make our lives, and the lives of our families, a little safer. With all their faults human beings are prone to have, it is still more than fair to say ‘Thanks Officer”.

This week’s edition of The Elba Clipper has the official list of qualified Coffee County voters. Alabama is probably the last state that furnishes this information so openly to the public, so we urge you to utilize it, check your listing and where you, along with your family and close friends, are to vote this year. There is a major change in voting sites in Elba this time with those of us who normally vote at the Claxton Avenue Recreation Center now voting at the Elba Church of Christ, on the Troy Highway. The rec building has seen better days and without a new floor (and floor joists) is not safe. If you are NOT on this list, there is still time to contact the Board of Registrars in New Brockton and get this corrected. We are going to the polls next month so don’t delay.

Thus far Coffee County has dodged the bullet when there have been warnings of bad weather headed toward the Southern part of the United States. It seems that the worst of these storms go to the left or right –and/or North or South of our area. That is all right, we have had enough weather disasters to last two lifetimes. We write that as weather warnings are hitting the airways with a possibility of bad weather the latter part of the week.

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