A question hit us Sunday afternoon of why we had not taken a public position on the Donald Trump impeachment issue. You know, the one that has bogged Washington D. C. down to a crawl. Oh yes, the opinions are there, but you must go past the ongoing hearings to get to our position. The House will vote (basically along party lines) to impeach but it will never get through the Republican controlled Senate. The Republican Senators believe in Donald Trump and/or hear the voters back home breathing down their neck. Even if there was a real chance of the issue getting past the Senate, any good lawyer could hang the whole issue up well past the upcoming election and deep into the next term of office (which Trump will win). Our feelings are that it is highly likely Trump did withhold U. S. grant money to Ukraine in an effort to get ‘political dirt’ on the Joe Biden family. He has spent a lifetime in private business with a reputation of “wheeling and dealing” with a heavy hand and apparently continues that mindset while dealing with government (the people’s) business. Like it or dislike it - does the issue rise to the level of impeachment? Clearly it does to the die-hard anti-Trump folks, but not to the equally die-hard Trump supporters. The question is, ‘Does it rise to impeachment level in the courts of the United States?’ Only the court system itself can ultimately answer that question and the country is a long way from even officially asking such a question and even longer from getting a final, definitive answer. That all may sound like a political cop out, but it is an effort at trying to be fair. We still don’t think Trump as president is good for the United States but would rather the voters make that decision than there be a stain on our nation and our political system for using the courts to get a change of leadership. In a strong democracy the voters normally handle such business.

A recent article in a national publication quoted law enforcement numbers to show that overall crime rate is down in the United States. The article also noted that is directly opposite from the general opinion of the American public. Speak about a crime in your neighborhood and most folks will make a remark about the ‘rising’ crime and ponder what should be done about it. The blame will be on drugs, falling morals, or whatever, but the public feelings are that “something must be done.” Reading national news or watching the tube and crime is in the headlines regularly. Birmingham, Alabama (inner city Birmingham) was recently rated as having one of the highest crime rates in America. . . not number 1, but close. Having a city with high crime rates nearby could be why Alabama folks and those near other leading cities feel crime is on the increase.

This is foremost on our mind today because of two recent incidents at our home. The first was a busted in door when we got home just before six one afternoon. That happened between 2 p.m. and our arrival. We have found nothing missing but had to get the door fixed. The next was a very unusual happening following an innocent sounding knock on the door Halloween night. However, it was NOT a trick-a-treat knock but one from an adult male with more serious things on his mind. By sheer luck our reflex reactions of slamming and locking the door ended that near miss.

Today, Elba again has an in-town furniture/appliance store. Badcock has opened on the square and is having an official Grand Opening today (Thursday). Owner Kim Maphis and her staff will be on their best behavior, smiling and greeting all the visitors. Drop by and look over their diverse inventory.

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