The 61-year-old NBC News employee that died with coronavirus last week was clearly a # one guy. We should all live our life to warrant our family hearing such nice things about us when our time on this earth ultimately ends. The same for the guy in a chain store parking lot reportedly giving away free rolls of toilet paper to folks who couldn’t find any to buy in their local supermarket. “I just want to help people,” he explained.

The good news out of Argentina is that the strict quarantine imposed by the government does not restrict the services of the tooth fairy. This was a great relief to a young child who had just lost his first baby tooth and already had plans for the prize he expected.

Be careful when gleaning Coronavirus information off of social media sites. We have often seen conflicting and downright wrong advice on how to handle the potential exposure to the pandemic. Reputable ethical medical experts are also warning that self-serving companies have been releasing advice that is untested (at best) in an effort to promote their own sales – regardless of the ultimate success of the product. Early on we opted to pass on to our readers information from known and respected sources such as the state medical office, Center for Disease Control (CDC), FEMA, Coffee County Emergency Management, places like UAB, and other established medical centers, etc. One thing all the good ones stress is WASH YOUR HANDS, often and thoroughly and once more! Then STAY HOME if possible!

The whole world is in a turmoil but we can depend on our American politicians to still find time for their ritual party politics, at whatever cost, even the very lives of the people they were elected to protect. Now, if you are bad mouthing the Democrats, we agree completely. If you are bad mouthing the Republicans, we understand your frustrations as well. It is long past time to put this crap aside and attend to the business at hand.

There are many good books to read and if you are at home and bored. Pick up a good book and immerse yourself. If you like novels then it is easy to imagine yourself in that story plot. If you share our addiction to good history authors, man the world is awaiting you! We are rereading Jon Meacham’s ‘The Soul of America’ and this time we actually read the introduction and it is powerful. That alone is worth reading his books. It is another of several successful books on our country, government, etc., he has authored. This Pulitzer prize winning historian has truly grasped the Soul of America. While he probably steps on all our toes somewhere in the book, it is both sobering and comforting to read of the many rough times in American history and just how we came back to reality and the whole country was better for the experience. Time and time again we saw the United States of today in those historical reports.

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