Equifax may owe you some money! You, not us . . . when the news first broke about Equifax having a record breaking breach of the personal data of millions of people, and the massive settlement they were paying out, we got really interested. However, in spite of our excitement, the folks on the phone explained they couldn’t find our name listed anywhere. Maybe they struck our name from the list to enable paying higher fees to the battery of lawyers filing their notice. It was later learned that the huge settlement was to be divided many, many ways and it wouldn’t have made us rich anyway.

We have not followed the gaggle of Democratic presidential candidates enough to have any opinions on their qualifications. That gives us the advantage of reading about their antics as they each battle for something to trigger a rise in their standing with the voters. Last week, we stopped and read a bit on the verbal sparring between Sen. Kamala Harris (D., Calif.) and Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D., Hawaii). Gabbard spit out some strong, negative words about Harris, but Harris hit back effectively. Probably the greatest insult Harris had for her opponent was the fact that the lady from Hawaii has 1% (or less) approval in the popularity polls.

It is hard to believe that schools are back in session for another year. There was a recent prediction in some ‘smart’ editorial that this trend of starting early will continue to move back until ‘summer vacation’ is something for the history books. Students and teachers like having breaks more often throughout the year. Additionally, studies have repeatedly shown that students tend to forget much of their learning in the long summer playtime. This may be the best option since children are no longer expected to pick the cotton during the early fall.

The back-to-back mass shootings last weekend woke up more Americans to a major personal safety problem in this country. With each of these tragic events, the United States moves closer to stricter gun control laws. The effectiveness and practical application of any potential law is questionable but the mindset on tighter gun control laws is rapidly becoming, “anything is better than nothing.” More and more we are hearing comments like, “If taking away some of our constitutional rights is necessary, it will be worth the lives saved.” Our hope is that any new restrictions will not mimic the anti-whiskey laws of the 1920’s . . . . laws that were unenforceable. Those were unenforceable for several reasons, one being that a large percentage of Americans were not willing to give up their alcoholic beverages. If the American public will not give up their automatic weapons, there is no need to pass laws demanding such. We recall more than one gun related incident when we were in Germany in the late 1950s. Some German would quietly offer to sell us a much-sought-after Lugar pistol. A couple of times we commented that we thought the government made them turn those in after WWII. The answer was always, “Daddy, granddaddy, or uncle hid this one in the attic, and we just found it.” Of course it was illegal for them to own the pistol and probably illegal for us to buy it and try to get it back into the States. Whatever the law, they still had those things over ten years after the war was over.

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