We are out on the highways at all hours of the day and night. That can be tiring at times, but it also exposes us to some beautiful sights. Recently we were driving in the early morning, a couple of hours before daylight. There was a full moon and not a cloud in the sky . . . . beautiful! There should be some way to capture that scene to look at regularly. It would also be something to show our sleepy headed friends. Then a week or so later we were graced with the red hues of sunrise bouncing off random clouds. That is something that can take your breath away. It is only at this peak a few short minutes, but a good memory bite for anyone. Throughout our life there have been nature scenes that are etched in our brain. Some were at midday, some at dawn or nightfall.

Our number one ever was on a summer day in the Alps of Southern Germany while standing in the tall green grass covered lake shore with snow-capped mountains on each side. No movement of any kind nor sounds except for the tinkle of a cowbell far, far away up one of the mountains. Many of the dawn scenes memories are from early morning fishing trips, as the birds were waking, fluttering around and singing their songs. Of course, the snakes and alligators, and an occasional fox, are moving as well. When you are on the water with a seven, or eight, foot gator on the riverbank twenty or thirty feet away, he looks twelve feet long! A smart person finds amble reason to move on to some other spot to fish, especially if the gator decides to slide off the bank and back in the water.

We share many of the questions that have arisen from the announced suicide of a man in jail awaiting trial on multiple charges of abuse of underage girls. Jeffrey Epstein was supposed to be on suicide watch, supposed to have a cell mate, etc., but . . . reportedly had not been checked on in hours, instead of the required ‘every 20 minutes’ because of his suicide watch. His required cell mate had been transferred out just hours before his death and no replacement in place; lots of folks already questioning how he got off so lightly on similar charges in Florida several years ago. The list of questions grows longer daily, including one that his death was murder and another is that his death may have been faked. The fact that he was very wealthy does nothing to quell the rumors. We must add that this prison, like so many Alabama prisons, is reported sorely understaffed with guards routinely working overtime. Alas, we all knew it was coming but when it happens, there is a bit of sadness.

The Alabama Highway Department has announced they will be removing several of the traffic lights in downtown Elba . . . “With the bypass nearing completion, more and more of the area traffic is opting to hit the bypass rather than drive through downtown Elba.” Those were their words, but most of us have said something similar during the last twenty (or more) years as this project was talked about, officially announced and slowly moved into reality.

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