The United States has withdrawn military troops from northern Syria, much to the concerns of the Kurdish people who have actively, and openly, worked with U. S. troops in the battle with ISIS. There are predictions the next step President Trump will take in this matter is to completely withdraw all American troops from Syria. Some are supporting this move and others are concerned over the repercussions. There is probably no ‘right’ answer, but most of us have opinions. Our personal opinion could be considered a political answer, but here goes. First, we probably should have never put ‘boots on the ground’ in the Middle East. However, since that decision can’t be undone, we probably should have stayed the course in Syria a while longer. One life lost in war is one too many and each time we do a count of casualties, it goes up. That isn’t good for any of us and is terrible for the family and friends of those killed or maimed in our time-honored defense of freedom. However we must accept the fact that ‘Freedom is not Free.”

There have been spotty rain showers around the area during the last several days. Monday morning we woke about 5 a.m. to the patter of a small shower on the windows. It didn’t last long and actually our first thoughts were, “what in the world is that noise?” It has been quite a while since we woke to that sound, so we had to reach back in the archives of our old brain to find a cause of that patter. The dry weather is playing havoc with area farmers trying to plow up peanuts. The soil is so hard in many fields that it is breaking equipment and at best wearing out plow blades faster than many farmers have ever seen. There is a promise of more rain this week, but it isn’t a 100% promise. We recall years ago hearing a young weather girl on the tube announce, “It might rain and it might not rain.” She was new to the station but entirely correct, if not very helpful to those making plans for the next day.

Loyal high school football fans in Coffee County can all celebrate this week. All four teams that played won their game. One team, New Brockton, had an off week and will return to the field this coming Friday night but the others brought home a win. Of course that means that four teams outside Coffee County went to bed Friday night disappointed.

Deer hunters should really have a great hunting season this fall. There seems to be an oversupply of deer roaming the sides of the highways this fall . . . in fact we started noticing the uptick in deer sightings back in the late summer. If you add in the change in Alabama’s hunting laws they should really do good. Now the game warden will not be arresting people for hunting over baited fields this year. . . . because it is now legal to bait them and shoot them while they eat. That is not the way ‘real’ sportsmen do it. Bull! There is an oversupply of deer in the woods now, but . . . shooting them over a baited field???? NO way should that be allowed. That is worse than shooting doves off a power line.

Outside rear view mirrows are considered something else on a car to keep clean . . . that is until you break one of them and realize how many times in a day you normally consult the mirror when backing up, turning, changing lanes, or doing just about anything. Ours should be fixed by the time you read this bit of moaning and groaning. The cost? . . . It doesn’t really matter at this point in the game. We just need it fixed!

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