A retired 30-year veteran FBI agent with 15 years experience on a SWAT team spoke out last week against arming untrained civilians to combat and neutralize mass shootings in schools, churches, nightclubs, concerts, etc. His position is that it would cause further loss of innocent lives with civilians firing guns in densely crowed, chaotic venues. He further added he did not believe that amateurs could be trained to the level needed for safe defense of these assembled people. Our Birmingham native expert advocates that law enforcement must react quickly and end the situation. None of his comments are new stuff. At some meeting we were in a year or so ago with experts in this field, those attending heard of the above dangers plus having uniformed law enforcement enter the active shooter scene, see a civilian step around the corner with a drawn weapon and in the confusion immediately start shooting, thinking that the armed civilian is one of the bad guys. End results are more innocent people wounded – or worse killed. This has been our argument every time the arming of patrolling church members, school teachers, etc., is mentioned. We still hold those opinions . . . maybe even stronger.

Last week the United States “celebrated” Recycle Day. Well, officially it was celebrated but actually the majority of Americans went about business as usual with many still tossing things out the car window. We see so much potential recyclable material go into the trash cans and on the sidewalks every day that we could almost cry out “S-T-O-P that right now”!! But then our cutting remark (under our breath) about that is, “Oh, we forgot . . . . you are a cut above such trivia stuff.”

Our Elba City Council article last week created a lot of questions about the proposed new recreation facility...questions that our office can’t answer. Frankly there is a lot about the proposal that can’t be answered by anyone at this time. There is more detail that the principals in this venture could tell anyone asking, but they would probably qualify every statement with something about “if”. They have a long way to go before this project becomes a reality. Just cross your fingers and wish them luck! Oh, and get ready for a ride on their brand new zipline.

Several editorial writers across Alabama are debating the ability to vote a straight ticket in this state. Many states have removed that option, but it is still possible in our home state. We don’t consider it stupid for someone to vote the straight ticket even though we don’t do it and frankly never have. Even back in the days when Alabama was all Democrat our ballot was marked for the candidate . . . . or in some cases just skipped.

May the spirit of the season be with you all year long. May you be blessed with peace and joy. Be safe.


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