Last Thursday morning (July 4th) an e-mail popped in with a recipe for, and directions on how to make, homemade ice cream. Man did that sound delicious and the mental pictures of dipping into a huge dish of fresh ice cream still spin around in our head! We accepted, without missing a beat, that today’s social demands call for low fat (or skim) milk in everything and not the heavy cream raw milk that our Jersey cows furnished during that bygone era, but the very last line of the instructions startled this homemade ice cream lover. After turning the crank until the mixture is well frozen the ice cream maker should pack the freezer well with newspapers and/or heavy cloth and let it sit for a couple of hours until the ice cream “ripens”! The person with those instructions clearly did not grow up in a family with six ice cream loving children, friendly, visiting neighbors and multiple relatives in the area!!!! Not only would the two hours of ripening have been a laugh around our house, but the additional instructions of “repacking” the remaining ice cream for later use was probably more comical.

It is frightening when celebrating the 4th of July with the American flag becomes too political for big business to continue. Last week ex-NFL ‘also ran’ quarterback Colin Kaepernick complained to Nike over the planned release of a USA-themed sneaker, which featured a Betsy Ross flag on the heel, according to news reports and PR released pictures. The company recalled shipments of those shoes already positioned to go on sale July 4th! Kaepernick is the (now ex) football player who earned his protesting stripes, not as a football legend, but by kneeling during the playing of the national anthem prior to a football game. We are puzzled at the idea the picture of the first American flag is “an offensive symbol because of its connection to an era of slavery”. It did exist during the early slavery days, but the list of other such things is l-o-o-o n-g. Should Daniel Boone and his coonskin cap, the Alamo, and all other images from the Early America era also be off limits?

Still thinking about the Kaepernick comments, we seem to recall that President Obama used a flag display in some of his politicking that included the copies of the flag known as the Betsy Ross flag. What has changed in that short time – besides Kaepernick? Well this is America and we each have the right to personal opinions, whatever the motive. Our problems start with your ‘demand’ that others share your opinion. This is one of those times when we are adamant to stick with our flag waving loyalty to America and the American flag. If it offends someone, so be it . . . . we will continue to be proud and up front with our support of the United States of America. Oh, and for those who don’t know, we walked the walk as well as talked the talk and wore the U. S. Army uniform to insure this freedom . . . . and did it twice. The first time was as a volunteer (to beat the draft) and the second round followed a “President Kennedy needs your knowledge and expertise” telegram. Our thanks comes from the satisfaction of knowing that these freedoms still exist.

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