The best one we have heard lately is probably: “CDC officials have advised that wearing a Florida State jersey could protect you from Coronavirus 19 after noticing last season that players wearing Seminole jerseys couldn’t catch anything!” Oops, we have both a niece and nephew who are FSU graduates that now will surely have us on their bad list! Seriously, we have read oodles of comments of “if so-and-so, then you are immune to this new virus. Each of those statements was surely put out as a joke but have been swallowed hook, line and sinker by the social media crowd. The truth is that none of those theories would have created an immunity to something that just recently evolved for another virus.Another thing we have noticed recently on social media sites is that the nonbelievers in the reality of this ongoing pandemic who didn’t believe it existed at all have either changed their opinion or just decided to hide under a bush until they could come back out and say, “I told you so.”

Many food establishments are pushing their “to-go” meals during this worldwide concern over the Coronavirus. All during the day Monday we were getting notices of food establishments and other retail outlets, along with churches, government and medical facilities that were offering modified service to their customers. Late Monday afternoon our taste buds lit up when a Red Lobster e-mail popped in offering FREE DELIVERY. Our love for cheese biscuits and shrimp took over our brain but alas the fine print limited the service to an area that didn’t include Elba. Now we are struggling to settle down and get back to work.

The annual antique car show scheduled for Saturday on the Square in Elba is also a victim of the Coronavirus. The event has been delayed until May 9th. Promoters of this event were expecting the largest ever display of restored motor vehicles. However, we still take a moment to salute the private citizens who are promoting this very popular event in our community. It supports our very strong opinion that citizens should not sit back and wait for government to do everything for them!

Our son-in-law Tom drove to Elba Monday. Daughter Michele thinks he was proving he could still drive on the 4-lane highways, in spite of his major stroke several months ago. His doctor’s visit in Birmingham last week gave him courage, even if it did include a stricter diet. Frankly we didn’t even fuss at him when he drove up in front of the office. Our reason? Well, he was bringing a cooked roast, fresh pound cake, assorted vegetables, home made muffins, etc., for our consumption. Enough ‘good’ stuff to last two old folks a full week and maybe longer!

Politics can come out in the weirdest ways. Some folks are claiming the Coronavirus response is lacking in substance and blaming President Trump. True, some of his early comments contradicted statements by medical experts but blaming him for the pandemic – oh come on folks get a life! Of course, there is the flip side of the political issues who are claiming that Trump’s distractors are causing the whole thing. Folks, you need to get a life as well! Let’s all listen to the medical experts as they learn more about the new virus and pass on ‘learned’ advice on how to move forward with prevention and/or treatment of the Coronavirus 19, Chinese Coronavirus or whatever you choose to call it.It is also time for all our friends to reflect on any personal opposition to vaccinations designed to prevent infections.

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