The American military has again shown it superior abilities with the recent death of ISIS leader Abu Bakral-Baghdadi in a Syrian hide-away. The man was reportedly trapped in a dead-end tunnel and he detonated a suicide vest rather than being captured. The explosion killed him and regretfully, three of his small children that he had for some reason taken into the tunnel with him. This will not stop the ISIS killings around the world but it will confuse the leadership and probably cause some infighting between ‘wantabe’ leaders. These distractions will benefit the rest of the world, at least for a while.

We never knew, nor even cared, that Kellogg’s had named the rooster on their Cornflakes boxes . . . until this week. It is surely important that each of you know that when the rooster was put on the Cornflakes boxes, beginning in 1957, he was christened Cornelius. In our youth there were lots of roosters around our home, but never a Cornelius. We did once have a rather mean Duroc boar hog named Josephus, but no Cornelius - anything. NOW, you are again as well informed on the really important matters in life as your local publisher! This is also an example confirming that none of us are too old to learn if we will just read everything we can get our hands on and for sure listen attentively to our peers.

Halloween is deadly, especially to children. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration notes that it is one of the top three days for pedestrian injuries and fatalities. Children are twice as likely to be hit by a car and killed on Halloween than any other day of the year, according to AAA. On Halloween, 2007, 89 people were killed in traffic crashes. Of course drunk-driving plays a big part is this and one comment we read this week in reference to the drunk driving cases was “Halloween has been hijacked by adults.” NOW, neither of us can stop drunk driving so our mission is to be very protective of children enjoying the fun and gaiety of Halloween . . . so they are here to enjoy the next holiday. Another statistic from the above studies indicate the majority of those auto accidents involved children outside the designated crosswalks. Don’t kill their fun but do try to keep them safe.

See you at the Pumpkin On The Square in Elba Thursday night, but leave your beer and whiskey at home.

On October 29, 1929 the stock market crashed, ushering in the Great Depression. This anniversary is passing rather normally on Wall Street in 2019 in spite of the predictors of doom-and-ruin that are regularly finding their way into the news.

A federal court has ruled that Alabama can’t enforce the abortion law passed in 2019. Attorney General Steve Marshall said Tuesday this was not unexpected and fits with the ultimate goal of getting the abortion issue before the U S Supreme Court to argue for reversal of Roe and Casey decisions. We have read that a number of states are using this approach to get the clear authority to set their own abortion limits and/or guidelines. It will take years to get any of these cases to and through the Supreme Court and then it is no guarantee any of the various states can win a reversal of the present federal rulings on abortion. However their ‘scattergun’ approach increases the chance at least one state will get its wish and chance to argue the abortion issue back before the Supreme Court, sooner rather than later.

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