As careful as we try to be, a personal credit card hack was caught this past weekend on our Number 1, favorite charging system. All ended well, thanks to an alert security system with our credit card folks. They didn’t say how they caught and stopped the transaction and we didn’t ask, were just grateful they somehow declined the gas station effort . . . . in New Jersey! In fact we assume our card number was hacked at a gas pump because for at least the last several months at every other place we used the card the machine(s) accepted the super safe embedded chip. It was serious enough that the credit card company recommended us getting a new card number. That of course means we need to tell those folks who automatically charge things to our card they must wait a week for our shiny new card to arrive. But not to fear, it didn’t stop our spending . . . we just pulled out another credit card.

It is interesting to occasionally listen to TV news folks from different talk shows report the latest political news. However it can get disgusting in a hurry! Both stories can’t be true, as they often report completely different versions of the events, with an entirely different goal and/or results. Yes ‘fake news’ is real and some of the most informed and trained folks are at the root of many, if not most, of these Lopsided ‘news stories’. About the only thing we can do is ignore the whole mess or get into the main issues deep enough to know which one is actually ‘telling it like it is’.

Recently an Elba board was engulfed in a gaggle of missteps. First the public hearing was not advertised as required. Second there was not a quorum of members present to hold a meeting. Then the two members present took a vote by phone from two absent members. Any one of those infractions would be enough of a violation of Alabama law to make the actions null and void. We have heard of no one opposed to the Zoning Board of Adjustments having opposition to any decision they were considering, but got a rash of complaints over their illegal procedural infractions. Such illegal procedures can cause expensive (and embarrassing) consequences for everyone down the road. This stumble is being corrected so all ends well . . this time. However we encourage . . . no we almost demand . . that steps be taken so that local governing bodies, committees, etc., know and follow state and federal laws . . every time. This Memorial Day there were flags on the graves of many American military veterans in local cemeteries. This left a warm feeling in our chest. For years we have driven through cemeteries hoping to see this respect to those who gave so much for our freedoms. This time it happened. Thanks to those who went the extra mile to make this a reality.

Last week a freak boating accident in Northwest Florida took the life of a young relative of yours truly. We don’t yet know the full details of the event, and that doesn’t matter. This young man had a lot going for him, a great family, etc., and that is now in the memory banks of all those friends and family who knew him. This particular death has bothered us for some reason or another more than lots of other accidents. That doesn’t make it any better or worse than others it just has more of a personal impact.

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