Some interesting things show up in police reports, anywhere in America, and probably all over the world. This week the Elba report caused us to pause. The police logs show a phone call late at night of an Elba dirt moving machine sitting idle but with the motor running and no one working at or near the job site. We suspect that someone got fussed at the next morning when the workers reported to their appointed place of work.

The whole world has by now heard about the latest legislative move to impeach the president of the United States. Of course, unless there is more public sentiment in that direction, don’t expect it to actually happen. Yes, the Democratic House of Representatives will vote in that direction. However, when the resolution gets to the U. S. Senate, the Republican members will continue to support their party’s leader and that will kill the impeachment. Three times before in U. S. history that is exactly what happened. It seems one time the President was saved by one vote, but a win is a win. In this case we keep reading that the White House upper management staff is “nervous.” That could mean several things. The first concern of course would be actual impeachment. Others would include the president getting upset and exploding on some of his staff. It could evolve into absolutely nothing getting done in the legislature (not such an ‘all bad’ idea). We read one prediction that the efforts (and/or success) could lead to the U. S. economy collapsing. Sure there will be a dip in the stock market - either way - but our country is too great to live or die on the political vibes of one individual, either in Washing D. C. or Elba, Alabama.

Now that the Elba football coaching situation has ended in a sputter rather than a riot, let us hope, and strive for, unity within the football team, the school in general, and the community. There have been strong opinions voiced openly on every aspect of this now-dead-issue and we urge everyone to hike up their pants, throw back their shoulders and support Elba . . . . . period . . . case closed.

More of the U. S. 84 four-lane highway has been opened to traffic between Elba and New Brockton. It has been open about a week now and we have not heard of a single accident caused by driver confusion, etc. That will not last, as so often us habit forming drivers forget that things have changed and alas it causes accidents. The bottom line is for all of us to ‘drive with care’ – even more than usual on this new road.

Fort Bend County (Texas) deputies are issuing a serious warning for families about a new teen drug trend called, 'Robo Tripping.' This is a case where teens are using a strong cough suppressant and using more than the recommended dose, thus getting a dangerous high, causing trips to the hospital emergency room. We should all be concerned over any drug overdoses but this one is new and some kid is going to pay the price of medical folks learning how to recognize and treat these newly discovered dangers. The dangerous part of this new drug is called < Dextromethorpham HBr (DXM)>. It is in some other cough syrups, but apparently not as concentrated.

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