Former Alabama House Speaker Mike Hubbard's appeal for his ethics conviction was heard by the state supreme court Tuesday morning. It will probably be a while before the judges opinion is released to the public, so, Hubbard can count on at least a couple of months of additional free time since he is out on bond and that will continue unless he violates some more rules.

The new federal disaster aid bill passed the U.S. Congress this week and awaits the signature of President Trump. We wonder if this will help the Elba folks who have been waiting on the feds for YEARS to come forward with the promised flood buyouts, only to be told there is some additional red tape to unravel. Somehow we expect the delaying tactics to continue and have oodles of sympathy for those who suffered damaged homes, maybe with monthly mortgage payments continuing, and paying rent somewhere else while they wait, wait and wait on the government to act. Us old folks are known to reminisce . . . often.

This weekend we were reading some of that and it triggered our own memories. Steve Flowers who writes a column printed in a number of Alabama newspapers was talking about Boy’s State and Girl’s State. He noted the number of teenagers who went on to be leaders, including Governor Ivy and Alabama Supreme Court Justice Tom Parker. His list also included his name from 50 years ago. Well we did not make the ‘world leader’ bracket but did attend Boy’s State a few years before our friend Steve was there. Our date was 64 (yep sixty-four) years ago in the summer of 1955! It was held that year at the University of Alabama with one hot, hot day in Montgomery at the state capitol. Big Jim Folsom was governor. No air conditioning in the state offices nor the legislative chambers where our group of budding decision making experts played lawmaker. We recall the telephone switchboard operator sat right at an outside window and it was open but she was still hot. Probably some of the rules Steve Flowers had to follow were put in place AFTER the 1964 group spent our week at the annual event.

We would be remiss if we failed to express sympathy for the victims of the latest mass shooting in Virginia Beach. Words are not strong enough to express the horrors we imagine the victims experienced nor the heavy hearts of the survivors and/or families of those killed.

There is also sympathy for those fighting to keep their heads above the flood waters up and down the Mississippi River system. Now Elba folks can really feel for these people, having ourselves experienced the helplessness of watching the flood waters rise and ravage homes and businesses. Right now it appears that Texas and/or the Mississippi River corridor, both areas already overwhelmed with bad weather will be in the ultimate path later this week of developing Tropical Storm Barry.

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