Some group using the name “Monmouth University Polling Institute” published a poll this week indicating that 57% of Americans believe socialism is not compatible with American values. That really bothers us. Socialism is NOT what made this country great and it is not what will help this country survive all the changes in our daily lives plus those unknowns coming down the pike. Yet almost half (43%) of our citizens apparently think differently. Oh, it is nice to have our social security check come in each month but that was not originally designed as a slush fund to pay for all our wants and needs. Having the government pay all our medical bills sounds great, but there would always be strings attached. . .like which doctor you can see . . . what hours this doctor is on the clock . . . the list goes on and on and includes the horrible thought of . . . . “is this person worth saving.” Then there is the fact that any real money put into the system will come from someone’s pocket . . and there aren’t enough of the rich folks to fund society in spite of what some political types would lead us to think.

If you like polls here are some more results for you to chew on today. Two polls this week show Donald Trump with the highest ratings of his political career. The Gallop Poll has him at 46 percent and a firm called Rassmusen puts him at 50 percent. Comparing with other recent presidents, Obama was at 44 percent, George W. Bush at 70 percent, Reagan at 44 percent and George H. W. Bush at 76 percent at this point in their first term. Note that Bush 41 got the highest in the polls but did not get re-elected. Oh, right now former Vice President Joe Biden is leading the Democratic ‘herd’ of over twenty candidates in the polls. Biden is at 44 percent and his closest opponent is Senator Bernie Sanders at 20 percent. That is in a poll taken in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina. All that data above will get you a cup of coffee at Starbucks . . . . if you have a few bucks to accompany that info.

A couple of weeks ago Steve Reneau our pastor at the Elba United Church moved up a notch in our book. It followed one of the many mass church shootings being experienced in the US and around the world. His impressive comments were something like the following: “We are all children of God and as such we denounce violence to anyone regardless of their religion.” His comments also included the words Christian, Jewish, Muslim and other religions. Even as a child we understood and were proud of the fact that America didn’t have the mob violence being reported all around the world. We recall the first time our rambling thoughts came together to note it as a source of pride in our home country. France was battling one of its many, many battles with these terrorist attacks and our childish chest swelled with pride that it was not happening here. No longer do we brag about that now-lost distinction. Worse, our grandchildren have never had the opportunity to enjoy those thoughts, even for a minute. Maybe their grandchildren will live to again experience that pride in America.

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The thing that is so great about poll are that you an stop them when you get the results you were looking for.

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