New research from the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine and Stony Brook University found that the language used in Facebook posts can help identify conditions such as diabetes, anxiety, depression and psychosis. Researchers analyzed the entire Facebook post history of nearly 1,000 patients who had their medical record data linked to their profiles. The study found that all of the 21 medical conditions the researchers assessed were predictable from Facebook posts alone. “As social media posts are often about someone’s lifestyle choices and experiences or how they’re feeling, this information could provide additional information about disease management and exacerbation,” said physician Raina Merchant of Penn. Another field that University of Pennsylvania med school folks are studying is “natural” prescriptions rather than a bottle of pills. This means the doctor will put it in writing that you are to get out and spend some time in nature to help your blood pressure, depression, etc. Now, we could have told them that a generation or so ago! As a teenager we used quiet time walking in the woods (or lying in the pine straw) to create those serene moments.

Bitcoin’s value has trebled so far this year and is back above $10,000. Cryptocurrencies are like a virus that won’t die. They keep metastasizing. There are still more than 2,000 cryptocurrencies in existence, and their theoretical total value is about $318 billion! However, if you have a few million of them, don’t hold your breath until someone hands you all that money for them.

A longtime subscriber mailed her annual payment last week. Upon opening it, a note dropped out. We always like those, even if they are fussing at us. This lady was paying her bill but asking for prayers because she is one of the many who had a total loss of their home near the beach last year. Having lived through a couple of major disasters, our heart goes out to all those folks. It was also with greater gratitude that she was still renewing her subscription to the home town newspaper in spite of all her personal issues.

Our unidentified ‘friend’ who continues to FAX us volumes and volumes of what we consider off-the-wall far-far right political statements, accusations against democrats (with small d), etc., and claims that everyone is conspiring against . . . well everybody else . . . hit us again last week. We walked in the office at 8:00 a.m. to a thick pile of anti Islamic, anti police, anti U. S. Supreme Court papers in our FAX machine. This unknown person warns about the coming ‘one currency world’ with pages of detailed proof in little tiny type and sends us an alleged letter from an Iranian to Donald Trump about how the Muslims will never accept peace because they just like to kill people and Americans are idiots for not getting tougher with his countrymen. OH, we also get previously unheard of reports about all of the girlfriends these male politicians have on the string. All the phone numbers are blacked out, so we can’t block that number, nor can we call and demand it cease. Whoever this person is, we beg him or her to find someone else to upset by wasting their good clean FAX machine paper. We glance at it, say some unkind words that mama would scold us about and trash the whole stack.. . . again.

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