A turntable for LP records. . . there was one advertised somewhere last week that almost inspired us to purchase it. We have a fairly large collection of the oldies and wou oldies and would like to hear them again. The same report listed some very valuable old LP’s but alas we had never heard of most of those artists. Well, except for Elvis and the Beetles, but we don’t have a single one in that ‘valuable’ category. Ours are just good, soft listening music after a long day at work.

Americans to charge almost $90 billion on holiday travel expenses this year. That number is based on a survey of the millions planning holiday trips and breaking out the ones who expect to be charging the actual travel expense, the motels, etc. Credit cards will weigh awfully heavy on the January budgets.

Recycling is one of our “believe in” projects. Not so with the majority of Elba, Alabama and United States folks. Well here is an incentive to some of those who are ‘too busy’, ‘mine will not matter anyway’, etc. folks. President Trump was pumping recycling of waste materials last week, so our die-hard Trump fans can follow the President’s example and begin recycling your ‘little bit’ of waste. Collectively all our waste materials would make quite a pile. If every American recycled just one-tenth of their newspapers, approximately 25,000,000 trees a year would be saved. Then there is the aluminum cans and those tons of plastic water bottles floating in the oceans or piling up in landfills.

One proposal by Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is to nationalize all the power generating plants in America. Well we don’t like ‘more government’ and are not impressed with the dismal results when big government tries to run anything. Sanders makes no secret about his socialists’ ideas and that is OK to a point. However, we like the ‘American Way’ . . . with all its warts and thorns. It is not perfect and probably never will be, but it beats anything else we have witnessed or read about.

Medieval football - the idea of "get this ball to this goal and this is fun" started around the eighth century, well over a thousand years ago. Early mob football rules reportedly included only two rules: no murder, and no manslaughter. When you compare that with our helmet swinging pro player’s exhibition last week, his shocking actions were mild relative to the first football games.

The Poarch Band of Creek Indians have rolled out a plan to pay the State of Alabama as much as $1 billion in revenue for the exclusive rights to operate casinos in Alabama. These folks are good for Alabama, but we don’t want our brother or anyone else having ‘exclusive’ rights. Our country operates on an economic system that thrives on competition and exclusive rights invite so many negatives that we just shudder at the thought. It is like selling your birthright.

Monday morning we read that a group of Republicans in the U. S. House of Representative who are avid Trump supporters were now saying he did nothing wrong in the Ukraine issue because the investigation of his political rivals never came to fruition. Does this mean that terrorists who are arrested BEFORE they blow up a building or shoot up a gathering of innocent citizens can’t be charged with a crime because they didn’t get a chance to carry out their act of terror??? Maybe we missed something in that Washington idea but to us that is such a lame response. It makes us wonder if they are in panic mode because they think the tide is turning south on the President.

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