The national news is mostly about Donald Trump and reports on either his great doings or his ‘less-than-perfect’ activities. Now . . . will he be impeached? . . . . we strongly doubt that getting past the coming impeachment vote in the House of Representatives where the Democrats have majority. Oh, ‘The Donald’ is no saint and we are amazed at how he has so many people from all walks of life wrapped around his finger, but it is a fact. We have read one possible reason for that is our citizens are upset with what is happening repeatedly in Washington and like the Trump reactions to the same issues . . . . and are willing to ignore these transgressions to get their opinions voiced on the national stage. Folks, that makes sense, as we too are bothered at the direction our country appears to be headed. Hopefully it is a phase that too will pass.

We noted several weeks ago that the United States had impeached three presidents. Actually, Richard Nixon resigned before things got that far. We might remind President Trump that Nixon’s biggest problem and what forced his ultimate resignation was the efforts to cover up his association with that late-night break-in of that Democrat campaign office and not the actual campaign headquarters break-in. Those Americans who are critical of one of the Trump whistle blowers being a CIA employee who was ‘snooping’ rather than doing his job, we remind them that Deep Throat (who gave the inside information that got Nixon) was an FBI agent of the highest order. We also ask, regardless of the violator and/or his political ideas and actions, shouldn’t ALL government employees be charged with reporting ANY illegal actions by ANY citizen??? That would also include members of the White House staff, members of Congress and their staffers – elected or appointed.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC). . . it seems that every time this first term lawmaker opens her mouth or tweets something out, ridiculousness comes spewing forth like an exorcist scene. A recent tweet, reportedly from AOC - “Mass incarceration is our American reality. . . . . “To end it, we have to change. That means we need to have a real conversation about . . . prison abolition in this country.” Now what in the world would she suggest we do with or to violent criminals, master con artists, etc.? But she has carved out a highly visible, and controversial, niche position for herself in the national Democratic Party.

Back in Alabama the race for U. S. Senator got a bit more crowded with the announcement that Republican John Merrill will be running for that slot. The Republicans have considered it a personal insult when Jones won the statewide race in the first place and have vowed to retake it for ‘their party’. We also hear there will be a female addition to the growing field of Republican candidates for the soon-to-be vacant seat of Martha Roby for the House of Representative seat in Washington.

Alabama House of Representative member Mike Jones of Andalusia is reportedly on the short list to be the next president of Lurlene B Wallace Community College. We have no inside information on the politics of this pending action, but Jones has shown himself to be made of the right stuff. His level-headed leadership in Legislative committees can’t help but bring his name into consideration for many important positions.

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