There was a W C Fields movie released by Universal way back in 1939 named “You Can’t Cheat an Honest Man”. We have no idea what happens in that old picture show, but the title resonated in our ole brain . . . . . “Hey, there is lots of truth in those six words”!!! Of course there are exceptions but so many con games are based on the idea of us imperfect humans thinking we can get something for nothing.

A news release received this week revealed that Alabama has the seventh (7th) highest burglary rate in the nation. Most southern states were clustered in that ‘most’ group, along with some in the middle section of America. The surprising thing was that places like New York were on the low end of that chart. The report was not able to explain the reason for that but noted it was probably because those high-rise apartments were harder to break into than the single-family dwellings all across the rural portion of the nation. The message of the article was “lock your doors and windows”.

Belinda Ordon of Elba was one happy mother last week when she learned that TWO daughters had been named ‘Teacher of the Year’ at their respective schools in Houston County. Both Jeneave Mitchell at Kelly Springs Elementary and Monique Flowers at Jerry Lee Faine Elementary were honored with that title last week. That could not have happened without strong parenting during their younger days and of course getting a good public education themselves . . . in Elba, Alabama. You make us proud ladies!!!

Monday morning, sometime between 5:30 and 7:30 we misplaced one of our cold weather gloves. Rather than being upset, this brought back a memory . . and a hardy laugh. Our grandfather, not the newspaper publisher, but dad’s dad, was a railroad man (with the old L & N). His two sons and both sons-in-law also railroaded. He retired when us grandkids were very young, so all the stories he told (and retold) we knew from memory. However, after finishing high school and going off for a ‘higher’ education we were working one summer for a plant foreman who, in his younger days, had railroaded with granddaddy . . . and boy did he have some humorous tales to tell! That brings us back to the missing glove. It seems that granddaddy had bought a new pair of work gloves one morning. He was directing the train as it departed the station in Montgomery later that day and grabbed onto the moving caboose as it came by. Somehow, he dropped one of his new gloves. As he watched it lying there between the train tracks get smaller and smaller as the train picked up speed, his friend and co-worker saw him toss the remaining glove back down track and with some very colorful words he really knew how to use and said loudly, ‘I hope the *&%$ who finds the first one is lucky enough to find the other one as well.” When his co-workers laughed, he explained (very practically) “Well one glove is no good without the other one.”. So if you see us throwing away a nice black leather glove, it is because granddaddy’s genes continue to be a great influence (maybe much too great in some ways) on us all these years later. We don’t use his descriptive words, but the results are about the same.

We hope your Christmas is/was a happy one that left many more great memories in your memory bank to share with others throughout your life.

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