Trott house

Elba volunteer firefighters Kelly Shehee, Whit Shehee, Dennis Manning, Mark Kelley, Johnny Manning, and Alan Willis worked together Friday morning to cut the grass, edge and weed-eat the yard of Chad Trott, a local firefighter/paramedic that was seriously injured in March in a motor vehicle accident. After nearly three months whole months in the hospital recovering from his injuries sustained in that accident, Trott returned to his home in Elba to complete his recovery process. That homecoming was made even bigger with an escort home by many of Trott’s fellow emergency responders from the local area. When he arrived at the house a big welcome home sign stood out with that  freshly manicured yard thanks to the men pictured above.

Just shy of three months after suffering life-threatening injuries from a motor vehicle accident in March, Elba resident Chad Trott came home Friday, June 11, and he was provided a giant escort by fellow firefighters/paramedics from the Wiregrass area.

Trott was seriously injured on the U.S. Highway 84 bypass in New Brockton on Wednesday afternoon, March 24, when a vehicle pulled across the median of Hwy. 84 from County Road 514 – the oncoming traffic included the motorcycle Trott was operating. The two vehicles collided.

Trott had remained and/or rehab facility since that day, but last Friday he came home for the first time in nearly 90 days.

A career firefighter/paramedic in the local area, Trott is part of a brotherhood of emergency service providers. Knowing he was set to come home last Friday, several members of the Elba Volunteer Fire Department got out early that morning and made sure the yard work was up-to-par for Trott’s return home.

“The fire department is not just about running into fires and cutting people out of cars,” said the wife of one Elba firefighter. “It’s a brotherhood! When one of their own is in need, they stop what they are doing and come running.”

The rally to get Trott’s yard looking nice for his return home started with one Elba fireman that had been planning to cut the grass at the Trott home earlier in the week, but rain had hindered that plan. 

Reportedly, a text to other Elba firemen at 7:50 Friday morning, and by 10 a.m. the men had the yard ready with freshly cut grass, along with edging and weed-eating.

“That’s what I love about this group of men,” the firefighter wife said. “They serve with a servant’s heart and not for the glory of it.”

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