Amison shower

Pictured from left to right: Starla Amison,mother of the groom; JonAshley and Michael Ann Amison, honored couple; Cindy Peavy, mother of the bride; and Kayron Shehee, hostess. 

Sunday afternoon, August 9, 2020, the lovely home of Kelly and Kayron Shehee was the setting for a miscellaneous shower honoring JonAshley and Michael Ann Amison. JonAshley and his mother, Starla Amison, had the privilege of introducing his lovely wife, Michael Ann, and her mother, Cindy Peavy, to many friends between the hours of one-thirty and three o’clock in the afternoon. Although the porch was welcoming, guests quickly entered the home’s cool interior. Once through the receiving line, guests were directed to the dining room where the couples’ wedding colors of white, pink, gold, and dark green were used to highlight an array of tasty delights. Jane Moseley and Lynn Carnley served. A starched and ironed Battenberg lace tablecloth accented a crystal punch bowl surrounded with dark green stems and pink carnations which held a cool refreshing fruity sherbet punch in a lovely shade of pink. Other refreshments included cake squares iced with white and pink curlicues, pink mints, cheese straws, and mixed nuts. Guests milled around and visited before viewing many lovely gifts in the master bedroom. Hostesses for this special occasion included: Sally Bane, Vicky Bailey, Margaret Calhoun, Lynn Carnley, Elizabeth Dyess, Anita Grimes, Henrietta Grimes, Kerry Johnson, Doris Matthews, Janice McCall, Millie McCollough, Valiece McKelvey, Valerie Moore, Jane Moseley, Kayron Shehee, Ann Spicer, Ceina Spicer, Kaye Whitworth, and Mona Wise.

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