There will be no Pumpkins on the Square to attend, no Haunted Hayride to tour this year in Elba. On the menu instead: Trick or Treat in Elba neighborhoods this Halloween, Saturday, Oct. 31, from 4 p.m. until 7 p.m. “It is all your own style fun,” said Sandy Bynum, executive director of the Elba Chamber of Commerce. “Homeowners that wish to participate and give out candy should have their porch lights on. Those choosing not to take part should leave their porch lights off.” Elba’s popular Pumpkins on the Square is being replaced this year with Trick or Treat, described by the city as an “outdoor street festival.” The Elba Chamber of Commerce formed a committee to seek input from the community to evaluate the event that normally is attended by over 4,000 people, Bynum said. The Chamber’s committee had representatives from parents, businesses, city council, police officers, and medical professionals. Their recommendation was to allow outdoor trick-or-treating that can be coordinated by individual families. “Everything has been really upended this year,” Bynum said. “And everyone is searching for a little bit of joy. Halloween is one of those holidays that everyone can celebrate in their own way while still coming together.” There’s no question that Halloween will look different in Elba this year, she said; however the greater the distance, the fewer the people, the lower the risk of spreading the coronavirus. Everyone is advised to lower their risk by following CDC’s recommendations.

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