lemonade stand

Sisters Kiersten (left) and Aubrey (right) Burbage are quenching thirsts of many this summer via their A&K Lemonade Stand, located on Claxton Avenue in Elba. Whether it is plain ‘ole lemonade in the cup or a lemonade with added flavor, the girls present each with a smile and great big ‘thank you’ for visiting their little homemade operation.

Fresh lemonade is not a misleading claim at this busy operation on Claxton Avenue in Elba. Each order is custom made. The two young operators greet customers with a smile and rattle off their array of merchandise, from the simple lemonade to blueberry, strawberry or any number of unique lemon flavored drinks available.

The Burbage sisters, Kiersten and Aubrey, work as a team. Ten-year-old Kiersten rattles off the options available while twelve-year-old Aubrey is busy putting on her rubber gloves, squeezing the fresh lemon with a flourish and adding it to the water and ice in a plastic cup. She then mixes in any of the customer’s preference of the other dozen or more available items that make each serving of juice unique.

Once the drink is completed, a miniature folding umbrella is added by Kiersten as the drink is handed to the customer.

The final touch of professionalism is handing the clearly impressed customer(s) a preprinted full color flyer reading: “Thanks for Visiting A & K Lemonade”. Oh, and there is a small circle in the upper righthand corner with the words “Love Us” and the picture of a hand drawn - or course yellow - lemon in a lower corner.

Those planning to open competing stands to serve thirsty lemonade customers should mention to their sponsors (ie. mom and dad) the need for a nice shade producing tent, or tarp to protect the workers from the hot sun and a large fan in the background to keep the customers cool while they observe the making of their own personal drink.

The young ladies are the oldest of four daughters of Andrew and Samantha Burbage. 

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