It was with great reluctance Tuesday evening, April 18, that Elba City Schools superintendent Chris Moseley presented a letter of retirement before the school board for approval, but Moseley said like it or not the time had come for longtime educator Brian Weeks to retire.

Moseley said it was selfish on his part as superintendent of the school system to not want to see Weeks go, but he also noted it was a retirement well-earned and deserved.

Board members agreed with their superintendent but voted unanimously to accept the retirement of Elba High School science teacher Brian Weeks at the end of the school year.

Elba High School principal Wynn Grimes said Weeks will retire with a total of 34 years teaching, and 33 of those years were spent at Elba.

“I don’t think you can ever replace a Brian Weeks, but we will be tasked now with filling the teaching position he has held for more than three decades,” Grimes said. “Mr. Weeks has been a fantastic teacher and great asset for this school.”

Grimes, himself, has been at Elba High School for 28 years now. He said he began his teaching/coaching career from the junior high hall working alongside Weeks where a special bond was formed between the two educators.

“Every student he has taught has enjoyed being in his classroom,” Grimes said. “I don’t think anyone has ever had a bad thing to say about Coach Weeks. He is just a phenomenal person.”

Grimes said Elba High School and Elba City Schools as a whole wish Coach Weeks well in his upcoming retirement.

“It is definitely well-deserved,” Grimes said. “We wish only the best for Coach Weeks and his family in their future endeavors, but he will certainly be missed at Elba High School.

In other personnel matters from last week’s April board meeting, the board accepted a resignation from high school teacher Ronald Floyd. 

Upon recommendation of Grimes, the superintendent also presented Julie Eagle to be employed as a math teacher and Tyler Reeves to be employed as a science teacher for EHS. The board unanimously approved these hires, which are for the 2023-2024 school year.

At the elementary school, principal Kenya Martin recommended the hire of two teachers for next school year, and these were presented by Moseley. The board approved the hire of Katelyn Dicken and Misty Wambles.

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