Cate Capps at council meeting

Cate Capps addresses the Elba City Council during the regular bimonthly meeting Monday evening, July 13th. Pictured above with Cate is her dad, Colby.

Young miss Cate Capps made her first citizen’s request of the Elba City Council during the council’s meeting Monday evening, July 13th. A soon-to-be second grader at Elba Elementary School, Capps asked the mayor and council to consider helping in paying for and planning a yearly birthday party for the City of Elba. Elba’s incorporation date is April 13, 1853. The city turned 167 years old this year. “I have never heard of Elba having a birthday party before, and I think that we should do one for the city,” Capps said. “Elba should have a birthday party because we celebrate America’s birthday.” Capps said the party should include things like fireworks, a parade, balloons with the age of the city, and, of course, a cake. “The city of Elba is special. My family is from here,” Capps said. “The people make the town special. I love Elba so much.” Mayor Mickey Murdock thanks Cate for addressing the council with her idea, saying he believes she has a good idea in mind. “I am glad you have taken an interest and love Elba,” the mayor said to Capps. “I will pass your idea on to the next mayor.” Cate is the daughter of Colby and Nichole Capps of Elba. Both of her parents are teachers within the Elba City School System. She has one younger brother.

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