The Coffee County Board of Education met Wednesday, March 18, for a called meeting of the board, and several personnel matters were approved by the board, including the acceptance of a principal resignation. Superintendent Kevin Killingsworth said Dr. Jason Hadden, principal at New Brockton Elementary School, had submitted his resignation to be effective June 30, 2020. The board approved this resignation; however, it was by a split vote. Voting against accepting the resignation were board members Larry Eddings, Eric Payne and Wendy Massey. The four ‘yes’ votes came from board members Brian McLeod, Galen McWaters, Brandi Carr, and Mike Bailey. No one offered any comments explaining the split vote on this matter. On the matter of principals, the board voted to approve a recommendation from the superintendent to employ Matt Barton, principal at Zion Chapel School, as a contract principal rather than a probationary principal. This matter passed by unanimous vote. Additional personnel matter recommended by Killingsworth and approved by the board included: • Non-renewal of probationary employees at the end of this school year – Jacob Nawlin and Jonathan Deverdige, both teachers at Zion Chapel School; • Accept the resignations of five teachers, effective the end of the school year, including – Amanda Zorn, special education teacher at New Brockton Elementary; Nina Williams, teacher at New Brockton Elementary; Lida Claunch, teacher at New Brockton High; Jon Chynoweth, band director at Zion Chapel School; and Madison Carpenter, elementary teacher at Zion Chapel School; • Employ nine teacher for the 2020-2021 school year, including – Ashley O’Neal, elementary teacher for Kinston; Kristen Clay, teacher and head volleyball coach for New Brockton High; William Kyle Ozier, teacher at New Brockton High; Margery Arnold-Zimmerman, teacher at New Brockton High; Katie Kelley, teacher at New Brockton Elementary; Allison Snell, teacher at New Brockton Elementary; Evan Harvin, teacher at New Brockton Elementary; Nicole Senn, teacher at New Brockton Elementary; Amy Goude, teacher at Zion Chapel; and • Accept the resignations of three classified personnel members, effective the end of the current school year, including – Brandy Adams, lunchroom worker at New Brockton Elementary; Josh Moguel, instructional aide at New Brockton Elementary; and Luca Blackburn, Pre-K instructional aide at New Brockton Elementary. Also during the meeting, the superintendent provided an in-depth update to board members on things the school system would be doing during the ‘shutdown’ of schools in Alabama due to the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure the schools are properly disinfected and sanitized in preparation for when students can return to the classrooms. He said the nurses had been trained in properly mixing the disinfectants that would be utilized for this process, and he thanked them for all their hard work during this time, especially head nurse Sharon Stinson. At the meeting, Killingsworth said the estimated return to school date was still Monday, April 6, but he said that could very well be extended as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to plague the nation and state. The next regular meeting for the Coffee County Board of Education is set for Thursday, April 9, at 5:30 p.m.

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