During the Coffee County Board of Education meeting held Thursday, Nov. 4, board members passed a motion to bid the construction project for additional classrooms at both New Brockton Elementary and New Brockton High Schools.

A work session was held prior to the board meeting where representatives of the architectural firm McKee and Associates laid out a plan for a nine-classroom addition for the high school and a six-classroom addition for the elementary school. All this is being done to accommodate continued growth for the New Brockton Schools.

Total cost for both projects is estimated to be $6.7 million, according to the architects.

Regarding personnel, the board approved several actions recommended by Superintendent Kelly Cobb.

Certificated personnel leave requests were approved for Dawn Nolin, a teacher at New Brockton Elementary [Oct. 25 – Jan. 3 tentatively]; and Ashley Sanders, EL teacher at New Brockton Elementary [Dec. 2 – Jan. 18 tentatively]. Chelbie Mobley, teacher at Zion Chapel School, was approved for a TEAMS contract.

As for classified personnel, Marie Farris, a CNP worker at New Brockton Elementary, was granted leave [Sept. 20 – Oct. 29 tentatively]; Tammy Mullins, a 10-month contract custodian for New Brockton High was granted a transfer to a 12-month custodian contract at the same school; resignations were approved for Kathryn Brown and Tom Brown, both CNP workers at Zion Chapel [effective Jan. 1]; and the employment of Corey Sessions was approved to be a 10-month contract custodian at New Brockton High.

Last Thursday night’s meeting was the board’s annual meeting, and officers for the year were nominated and approved. District One board member Brian McLeod was approved to continue serving as board president while District Two board member Mike Bailey was approved to be the board vice-president.

Also, during the meeting, the board approved a preliminary redistricting map for the school board. This proposed map deviates some from the proposed redistricting map being considered for the Coffee County Commission. 

The redistricting plan is based on data from the 2020 Census. It is available for public review and comment at the board’s central office. A copy of the map also is available on the board’s website at www.coffeecountyschools.org.

The board will allow public comment, will deliberate, and vote on its new district plan at a special called meeting set for Monday, Nov. 22, at 5 p.m. 

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