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Board member Sherry Eddins, board member Brandi Carr, Superintendent Kevin Killingsworth, board chairman Brian McLeod, and board member Galen McWaters are shown during last Thursday night’s meeting. This was Killingsworth’s last official board meeting as superintendent. On Monday, July 12, he transferred to be a special consultant to the board as Kelly Cobb took on the role of superintendent of schools.

The Coffee County Board of Education voted Thursday, July 8, during the board’s regular monthly meeting to approve the superintendent’s contract for Kelly Cobb.

In approving the contract with Cobb, the board further voted for chairman Brian McLeod to execute that contract on behalf of the board.

Next, the board approved a motion for an employment transfer agreement with outgoing superintendent Kevin Killingsworth. The motion noted Killingsworth would, effective July 12, transfer positions to be employed as a special consultant to the board. McLeod also was authorized to execute this employment agreement on behalf of the board.

Board members each took an opportunity to congratulate Cobb on becoming the next superintendent of schools for the Coffee County School System. 

“You’ve got a tough row to hoe,” board member Mike Bailey said as he congratulated Cobb and welcomed her as superintendent. “My thoughts are with you.”

Board member Galen McWaters added to Bailey’s comments, “We’re going to make it as easy to hoe as possible.”

McWaters further said he was looking forward to working with Cobb in her new role as superintendent of schools.

Board member Sherry Eddins added, “We know there are big things to come, and I am proud of you and for you.”

Chairman McLeod also congratulated Cobb on her new position with Coffee County Schools, and he thanked Killingsworth on the job he had done as superintendent. As he congratulated Killingsworth on retiring, McLeod jokingly noted that Killingsworth was not old enough to be retiring.

“It has been a challenging three years, but Mr. Killingsworth has handled things very well,” McLeod said. “This is definitely a well-earned retirement.”

Killingsworth took a moment to thank everyone for allowing him to serve as superintendent. He said he had enjoyed his 11 years working with Coffee County Schools in several capacities, to include serving as a vice-principal, principal, system administrator, and then superintendent. He retires with 30-plus years overall in education.

“I could not have done the things I have done without the help and support of all the employees here,” Killingsworth said. I want to thank them. I also would like to congratulate Mrs. Cobb.”

Several additional personnel matters were recommended by the superintendent and approved by board members during last Thursday evening’s meeting. 

Certificated employments included the hiring of Keith Hocutt as a teach (10 month contract) at New Brockton High School; the hiring of Chad Hodges as a teacher/band director at Kinston School for the upcoming school year; and the hiring of Connie Hawthorne as an instructional coach at Kinston School for the upcoming school year.

The board accepted the resignation of Stephanie Sidanyez as a teacher at New Brockton Elementary School.

Regarding classified personnel, Samantha Smith was approved for a transfer from bookkeeper at Kinston School to bookkeeper/secretary at the central office. Also, three employments were approved, to include: Stephanie Strawn as bookkeeper at Kinston School for the upcoming school year; Ashley Norris as secretary at Kinston School for the upcoming school year; and Samantha Gregory as a Pre-K aide at Zion Chapel School for the upcoming school year.

Also, during the meeting, the board approved the Salary Schedule for employees for the 2021-2022 school year. Killingsworth said the new schedule included salary increases approved by the state legislature.

The next regular meeting for the Coffee County Board of Education will be Thursday, Aug. 5, at 5:30 p.m.

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