Habitat home

Those in attendance for the dedication ceremony last Sunday afternoon, Nov. 25, for Elba’s newest Habitat for Humanity home are shown above in front of the home. The recipient is Benita Kay Smith. It is located on County Rd. 401.

Elba resident Benita Kay Smith received the keys to her new home Sunday, Nov. 25, thanks to Coffee County Habitat for Humanity. Coffee County Habitat for Humanity just completed construction of the new home at 703 County Road 401, which was sponsored by the 88 United Methodist churches in the Dothan District, including the Elba United Methodist Church. A dedication ceremony for the home was held last Sunday afternoon, during which Smith received a Bible for the home from Coffee County Habitat for Humanity along with the keys to her home. Coffee County Habitat for Humanity board member Charlene Goolsby led the program and said, “We are loving our neighbor this afternoon and that is kind of what Habitat is all about.” Following a traditional dedication ceremony for presentation of the Bible and keys, Smith thanked everyone who had a part in helping making the construction of her new home a reality. “I want to thank everyone for making this possible,” she said. “Without all the volunteers, the Lord and my family and friends providing encouragement, this would not have been possible.” Goolsby said Coffee County Habitat for Humanity had the funds to build another home in Elba soon, and she looked forward to getting that project started as well in the near future.


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