Band thanks City

The Elba City Council is shown with a ‘thank you’ card it received Monday, Aug. 12, from the Elba High School Band. Those pictured include (from left) councilperson Gappa Wise, city clerk Sally Bane, councilperson Rolanda Jones, Mayor Mickey Murdock, and councilpersons Jane Brunson, Tom Maddox and A.R. Williams.

The Elba City Council received a “thank you” card Monday evening, Aug. 12, during the regular bimonthly meeting of the council, something the council members said is not a normal occurrence. Assistant City Clerk Pat Boothe presented the thank you card to the council from the Elba High School Band. She said band director Shaun Hammonds had called last week to thank the city for help it had provided the band program recently, and she told Hammonds it was not every day the city hears a thank you from someone. “When Ms. Pat said it was unusual to receive a phone call of thanks, I decided we needed to take this a step further,” Hammonds said of the card. “So, we made a thank you card, and I had each band member sign it.” Hammonds said the city had always been very supportive in helping change light bulbs and look at other issues regarding the band’s practice field when he would call and ask for help. And, recently, the city provided even more help to the band program, which he said he felt they deserved a thanks. “Band parent Johnny Senn is building a new stand for our drum major and myself to use at practice,” Hammonds said. “The stand we currently use has been there for years, and it is getting harder and harder for me to go up and down on.” Hammonds said he made the city aware of the new stand being constructed by Senn, and the city had some old light poles no longer being used in which were donated to the band to install in the ground for the legs of the new stand. “Johnny had everything measured out and ready, and the city employees came out and installed those poles for our new stand,” Hammonds said. “That was awesome of them to do for us.” The band director said he tries to teach his students to be thankful for everything that is done for them to help better the band program, and he felt providing the city with a thank you for their recent assistance to the program was an appropriate thing to do. “We always want to show our appreciation to our community for anything that is done to help our band program,” Hammonds said. “I tell the students that the help they are accustomed to from the Elba community is not something that is the norm in other places, and we should never take that for granted. We have a great community with great leaders, and we are very grateful for it.” Elba City Council members each took time to look at the thank you card during Monday evening’s council meeting.

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