The Elba Board of Education met Tuesday evening, April 20, for the board’s regular monthly meeting, and personnel matters highlighted the meeting’s actions as the board works to stay ahead in preparations for next school year.

Ten employees at Elba High School were rehired by action of the board for the 2021-2022 school year. Of the ten, two teachers – Ashley Chappell and Al Gilmore – received tenure with their rehire.

Additional rehires at the high school for next year included teachers David Keel, Alyssa Spicer, Marc Sieving, Amber Thomas, Caiden Harrell, and Amanda Zorn. Also rehired were aide Linda Tillis [through a catastrophic grant], and high school secretary Martha Pope.

Eighteen employees at the elementary school also were rehired by action of the board for the 2021-2022 school year. This action gave tenure to three elementary teachers – Claire Lambert, Rachel Morrow, and Kelly Wilson.

Additional rehires at the elementary school included teachers Sara Jones, Alayna Cook, Shelia Johnson, Rebekka Newell, Nichole Capps, Jeff Carpenter, Melissa Grantham, and Austin Johnson. Also rehired were aides Madison Johnson, Sydney Crittenden, and Darlene Burrow [through a catastrophic grant]; custodian William Richardson; librarian Jessica Wyrosdick; and nurse Maisie Edge.

Three system transportation rehires for the next school year were recommended by Superintendent Chris Moseley and approved by the board. These included bus drivers William Craig, Edward Tillis, and Ricky Mularz. Mularz received tenure with his rehire.

Evenlyn Manning was hired to be the CNP [Child Nutrition Program] manager for the school system. Also, in the CNP department, rehires for 2021-2022 were Cery Morgan, Maria Juarez Martinez, and Tessa Watson.

Two new hires were approved for the elementary school for the 2021-2022 school year, including teacher Amanda Jeffcoat and special education teacher Kathryn Hall.

Also, during the meeting, the board approved the retirement of Elba High School special education teacher Deann Thomas, and the transfer of Brenda Skinner at the elementary school from reading coach to teacher.

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