Moseley w Doris Matthews

Elba City Schools superintendent Chris Moseley is shown with now-retired board member Doris Matthews. Ms. Matthews was honored during last Tuesday evening’s school board meeting for the dedicated service she provided the school system for 10 years as a board member. Moseley thanked her for that service and wished her well in her future endeavors.

During the Elba City Schools Board of Education meeting held Tuesday night, June 25, superintendent Chris Moseley took a few moments to thank now-retired board member Doris Matthews for her many years of service to the school system. Matthews served as a faithful board member for 10 years, and Moseley said the Elba City School System is grateful to her for all that she did in helping the Elba schools move forward during those years. He said her dedicated service would always be appreciated. Board members had one personnel matter to consider during the meeting. They accepted a retirement letter from Valerie Moore. She has served as an administrative assistant for Elba Elementary School for many years. After a quick review of the school system’s financials, chief financial officer Valiece McKelvy noted the May bank statements were balanced to the general ledger as of May 31st. During his report to board members, Superintendent Moseley gave a brief update report on the EES playground status. He said as things start moving with this project now, progress should be more noticeable at the site. Moseley also discussed upcoming events such as a new teacher orientation, a 7 on 7 tournament for the football program [held last week], and the Career Tech program trip to California where three Elba students will be representing Alabama this week at the National competition for FCCLA.

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