The Elba Board of Education met Tuesday, Dec. 15, for its regular monthly meeting, and among the actions approved during the meeting was a request from the superintendent to give employees two additional personal days.

Superintendent Chris Moseley said this had been something the administration had been thinking on as a way to give the employees something beneficial to them this year considering all they have dealt with due to the COVID-19 pandemic. He said the system was able to provide some Christmas gift items to employees this year also, and he said the feedback had been really good on those gifts.

The big thing Moseley said he felt would benefit employees would be giving them two additional personal days of leave, excluding himself. He said he simply did not want to give himself two additional personal days.

Moseley said these days would be for the employees to choose how they want to use them, but he said he was glad to be able to offer these days to the employees to help show them how much the system appreciates all they have and are doing.

The board concurred with Moseley’s recommendation and voted to give all employees, excluding the superintendent, two additional personal days.

The board accepted retirement paperwork from Elba Elementary School teacher Pam Mitchell to retire, effective Dec. 16th. Moseley said Mitchell had 25 years of service to the school system and made the decision to go ahead and retire. 

He said he saw her earlier in the day prior to the board meeting, and he congratulated her and thanked her personally for her many years of service to Elba.

After approving Mitchell’s retirement, the board next entertained a recommendation from the superintendent to hire Sara Kate Jones to replace the vacancy created by Mitchell’s retirement.

Moseley said Jones previously interned at Goshen. He said elementary principal Debra Strickland had contacted several people regarding Jones, and she comes to Elba highly recommended for the teaching job.

After confirming it was also Strickland’s recommendation to hire Jones, the board voted to approve the recommendation of the superintendent.

With the end of the first semester upon the school year, the superintendent provided a summary of COVID-19 numbers to board members.

For the school system [since the start of the school year in August], Moseley said 27 students total had been confirmed positive for the COVID-19 virus along with 17 employees total. As for quarantined/isolated numbers due to a potential close contact, he said 267 students were impacted throughout the entire semester and 30 employees were quarantined/isolated.

Overall, Moseley said the numbers were good for a school system as small as Elba, and he said he could not thank the students, parents, teachers, administrators, and other employees enough for the job they had done throughout the first semester. He said he was certainly not easy, but he felt Elba City Schools did what it needed to do to have a successful first semester despite COVID-19.

He also specifically thanked the school nurse for staying on top of things for Elba City Schools.

As the board was meeting the evening of Dec. 15th, Elba High School was hosting its first home varsity basketball game of the season. Moseley said the Alabama High School Athletic Association had provided strict guidelines for attendance during basketball season, and he encouraged all to follow the rules set in place to allow a full basketball season for the students/players. 

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