Elba cheerleaders w whale

The Elba Cheer program received the “whale” on first day of Cheer Camp last weekend in Panama City Beach, Florida. The whale award was given to Elba for showing up with outstanding spirit and attitude having a ‘whale’ of a time. The Elba cheerleaders include: (front row) Destinee Tidwell, Danielle Tidwell, Zalie McKelvy, A’Lyric Whitfield, Amaia Vargas, Si’Nia Smedley and Alayvia Stinson; (middle row) Kylie Swan, Lauren Haley, Kali Nicholson, Liza Rodriguez, Zaida Williams, Kate Hudson, Lynsey Manning, Adalyn O’Neal, Tia Germany and Charla Jordan; (back row) Ivie Thomas, Jaylyn Baker, Maggie Hammonds, Michaela Moseley and Leah Faircloth.

The Elba High School cheerleaders – varsity and junior varsity squads – participated last week in a UCA [Universal Cheerleader Association] Cheer Camp held in Panama City Beach, Fla. The Elba cheerleaders were at camp Friday, May 31, through Monday, June 3rd. There were 30 teams total at the camp. Elba was one of three teams that brought a mascot to camp. It was a successful camp for the Elba cheer squads as several awards came home with the young ladies. Cheer sponsors are Anna Marie Moore, varsity, and Ashley Chappell, junior varsity. The varsity team finished first place in Sideline Cheer. The team also received a fifth place finish in Rally Routine. Each team was allowed to put six members in the All-American tryouts, as well as, three members in the jump off competition. For the varsity team, Lauren Haley, Maggie Hammonds, Lynsey Manning and Tia Germany all tried out and made All-American cheerleader. This was judged by UCA staff members. In the jump off competition, the Elba varsity squad was represented by Tia Germany, La’Mya Anderson and Michaela Moseley. Tia advanced to the final four jumpers. Upcoming senior Lauren Haley received the Pin It Forward award for outstanding leadership for the Elba team. The Elba varsity team also was recognized and received an award for being one the ‘superior’ squads at camp. The Elba junior varsity team also had great success at the camp. The junior varsity team placed second in Rally Routine and was the first-place winner in cheer. Zalie McKelvy, Adalyn O’Neal and Danielle Tidwell tried out and made All-American cheerleader for the junior varsity team. Also, Adalyn, A’Lyric Whitfield, and Destinee Tidwell represented the junior varsity team in jump off where Adalyn advanced to the second round. Ivie Thomas serves as Elba’s mascot, Elbie, and she too came home with a bundle of awards from cheer camp. Thomas received the Pin It Forward award for her leadership among the mascots, and she was named All-American Mascot. Elbie [Thomas] also received a superior mascot award and a leadership/spirit award. The entire Elba Cheer program received the ‘whale’ award on the first day of camp for showing up with outstanding spirit and attitude having a ‘whale’ of a time. “They did an outstanding job, and I was very proud of their performance, but I am most proud of the leadership from Lauren Haley (captain), Tia Germany (co-captain), and Kate Hudson (co-captain) and the love, support, and encouragement all of the girls showed each other the entire weekend,” Moore said. “They were full of positive attitudes and represented Elba with so much pride and class. That is what makes them true winners!”

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