Shayne Arnette

Elba Police Officer Shayne Arnett was appointed Monday evening, Sept. 27, to serve as Interim Chief of Police in Elba. Arnette has been with the department for 12 years, and he was serving as an investigator at the time of the interim police chief appointment earlier this week. He will serve as interim police chief while the city searches for a new police chief, a job vacated last week when Leslie Hussey resigned from the post.

During the Elba City Council meeting held Monday evening, Sept. 27, Mayor Tom Maddox officially announced the resignation of Leslie Hussey as Chief of Police, and he recommended an interim police chief until a permanent replacement could be found.

“Mr. Leslie Hussey has resigned as Chief of Police as of last Friday,” Maddox said. “Assistant Chief Russ Young has handled the chief duties since that time. Thanks to Lt. Young for filling in and being here tonight.”

The mayor then said he would like to make a motion to name Shayne Arnett as the interim police chief for Elba. He said Arnett would serve this capacity until a permanent chief employed by the city.

Maddox said Arnett had been employed with the Elba Police Department for 12 years, and he said he feels Arnett is qualified to serve in the capacity as interim Chief of Police. 

Council member Jane Brunson supplied the second to Maddox’s motion, and all council members voted in favor of naming Arnett as Interim Police Chief.

In relation to the police department, Mayor Maddox also asked the council to enter into a Memorandum of Agreement with the Coffee County Emergency Management Agency for that department to oversee the dispatch services at the Elba Police Department until a new police chief is hired. The mayor said Coffee County EMA Deputy Director Grant Lyons would fill the administrative position for this agreement, and it would be an extension of his current duties with Coffee County EMA [thus not costing the city any additional funds for his services].

“I have been in contact with James Brown, the Coffee County EMA director, and Rod Morgan, the county attorney and administrator, and they are both on board with going this route,” Maddox said. “That would give us someone with extensive experience in this area to help during the transition.”

The mayor confirmed that Lyons would be in charge of dispatch until a new chief is hired by the city. He said there is no definite timeframe on how long this would be in effect but said the EMA office hopes the matter could be resolved within three months.

The council voted unanimously to enter into the Memorandum of Agreement with Coffee County EMA to oversee dispatch services at the Elba Police Department until a new chief of police is hired.

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