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City of Elba officials approved an ordinance Monday night, Oct. 11, during the council meeting that paves the way for a parcel of land to be deeded to the Armory Commission of Alabama. The parcel of land is located behind the Fort Charles L. Rowe Alabama National Guard Armory building (shown above), located on Larkin Road in Elba. The city made the move to help ensure a $2.5 million renovation of the Armory, in which city council member Bryan Grimes said is slated to happen in a “few years down the road.”

During the Elba City Council meeting Monday, Oct. 11, the council deemed some property as surplus to deed to the Armory Commission of Alabama.

Upon recommendation of Mayor Tom Maddox, the council approved a resolution providing unanimous consent to vote on the ordinance pertaining to the surplus property at first reading. Once that consent was given, the mayor presented the ordinance for consideration.

According to the ordinance, the city declares the real estate property is no longer needed for public or municipal purposes. This property, 50 ft. x 418 ft., is located at 348 Larkin Road in Elba. The ordinance further noted the property would be used to meet a public purpose in deeding it to the Armory Commission of Alabama.

Council member Bryan Grimes said the National Guard requested the land because it is planning on expanding the Armory and Motor Pool located on Larkin Road in Elba. While he said the expansion plans are a few years down the road, this action would help pave the way for it.

Grimes said the plans are for a $2.5 million renovation of the Armory.

Mayor Maddox added, “It is going to benefit Elba.”

Council members voted unanimously to approve the ordinance. 

City Clerk Sally Bane said the Elba Public Library had been awarded $2,500 from First Book and Save the Children. She said the library plans to utilize those funds for new books and give-away items for children during activities.

The council approved a resolution to use American Rescue Plan funds to pay for expenses already incurred in the repair of the Well 4 pump. The amount approved to spend in the resolution was $33,400.

The mayor introduced Carlos Magwood during the meeting. According to the mayor Magwood is expected to be nominated at the Sept. 25th meeting to be approved as a member of the Elba Water and Electric Board, replacing Angela Newby. She recently resigned from the board.

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