During the Elba City Council meeting held Monday night, July 27, five separate resolutions were approved noting each council person for each of Elba’s five districts had been elected without opposition in the 2020 municipal election. The resolution stated that Mayor Mickey Murdock had filed a written statement with the governing body of the municipality, attested by the Clerk, certifying the fact that only one person filed a statement of candidacy for the office prior to the deadline. Council persons elected without opposition were: District 1 – Johnathan T. Lockett; District 2 – Gappa Wise; District 3 – Jane B. Brunson; District 4 – Bryan Grimes; District 5 – A R Williams The council persons elected all are currently serving in that capacity, with the exception of Bryan Grimes, District 4. He will replace Tom Maddox on the council for that district in November. Maddox is seeking the office of mayor in the upcoming municipal election for Elba set for Aug. 25th. Also during Monday night’s council meeting, Mayor Murdock announced that street supervisor Lee Gideon recently had been out of work for a back surgery. Gideon was injured on the job a few years ago, and the latest surgery was due to ongoing problems he continues to have from that injury. Murdock said it had been determined that Gideon was going to be disabled now, and he would not be able to return to the job. Therefore, he said Steve Sutley had agreed to come out of retirement for a few months to assist the city with the street supervisor’s position while a permanent replacement is being sought. Also, Murdock said Jeremy Heath had moved from the street department to accept the job as water supervisor for the Water and Electric Department. The mayor said approximately $440,000 in checks had been delivered last week to eight homeowners involved in the FEMA flood buyout program. These were the first properties approved for buyout in the program that had accepted the offer. Murdock said the city now would have 90 days to demo the homes on those properties. He added that progress is being made also with the second batch of homes in the ongoing buyout program. City clerk Sally Bane said she has absentee ballots available for application in her office for the upcoming municipal election [the only office being contested on the ballot is for Mayor of Elba with three candidates]. She said the ballots should be picked up and returned to city hall by the appropriate dates as noted on the package. Call 897-2333 to apply for an absentee ballot. Looking at the city’s financials for Fiscal Year 2020 through nine months, the mayor admitted he had expected a bad year for the city, but fortunately, he had been wrong thus far. He said overall revenues have remained about three percent ahead of last year.

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