During the Elba City Council meeting held Monday evening, March 22, the council voted to give the mayor some leeway offering incentives to bring new business to the city.

The council and mayor had been discussing the matter for a while now, and official action was taken this week.

Upon recommendation of Mayor Tom Maddox, the council approved a list of potential incentives for new businesses to include:

• Business license fees waived for the first year, pro-rated so that businesses opening late in the year would have the same benefit of this incentive as those opening Jan. 1st;

• A 50 percent rebate of sales tax paid to the city [excluding the school’s portion of taxes] until an aggregate of $10,000 is abated. That amount would depend on the business and the expected sales volume or impact on the city and would have to be agreed upon by the council. Rebates would be paid annually for a maximum of two years;

• Provide a 20 percent discount on all utilities for the first year beginning when a certificate of occupancy is obtained.

The mayor said specific details on any incentives package would need to be discussed along with financial reviews and other due diligence requirements occurring before any firm commitments are made. However, he said approving his recommended incentives options would just give him a starting point for negotiations with a potential new business for the city.

The council awarded a contract for the Recreational Building Demolition and Column Repair project to Catrett Construction in the amount of $87,600. This was the low bid submitted for this project. 

The council also gave the mayor permission to execute/sign any documentation associated with this project.

Upon recommendation of District One council member Johnathan Lockett, the council confirmed the appointment of Brock Lambert to serve on the city’s planning and zoning board.

Also, the council approved a motion to conduct a work session prior to its first bimonthly meeting each month [second Monday] at 5:30 p.m. to be followed by the council meeting at 6 p.m. [or as soon as the work session concludes, if past 6 p.m.].

The next regular meeting for the council will be Monday, April 12, with the work session at 5:30, followed by the meeting.

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