During the Elba City Council meeting held Tuesday evening, May 28, the appointment of the school board seat for District Four was up for approval. This school board seat for Elba City Schools had been held by Doris Matthews for several terms, and her term was set to expire May 31, 2019. District Four council member Tom Maddox said it was going to be his recommendation to nominate Kristy Astemborski for that school board seat. He said Astemborski’s school-aged children are enrolled in Elba City Schools, and she and her husband have younger children as well. Maddox also noted that Astemborski is currently a part-time employee of the Elba Parks and Recreation Department and that she had served two terms as president of the Elba Elementary School PTO. Maddox’s motion to appoint Astemborski received a second from council member Jane Brunson, and it was approved with no opposition. However, council member Rolanda Jones did say that she did not know Astemborski and was voting yes strictly on Maddox’s good name and recommendation. After approving Astemborski to fill the school board seat for District Four, council members agreed it appropriate to send a letter of appreciation to Matthews from the city thanking her for her many years of service to Elba City Schools. The council approved a resolution regarding a Municipal Water Pollution Prevention (MWPP) resolution form. This form was approved unanimously and indicates the city would inform the Department of Environmental Management that the council had reviewed the MWPP and set forth a plan for continued monitoring to prevent the bypass and overflow of raw sewage with the collection system or at the treatment plant. Scott Trott, an engineer with CDG Engineering, reviewed the MWPP with council members during the meeting. He noted the construction work on Elba’s sewage system and lagoon improvements to allow Elba to meet ADEM requirements is set to begin in November of this year, and construction should be completed by November of 2020. Council members noted this year-long process would most likely upset many residents as it would require streets to be torn up for sewer lines replacements, etc., but they hoped the residents also would realize the positive benefits this project would bring to them with a much-improved sewer system in Elba. The next Elba City Council meeting is set for Monday, June 10, at 5:30 p.m. at Elba City Hall.

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