elba early chiildcare

The availability of childcare/daycare services dropped drastically in Elba recently with the closing of two childcare facilities, but Elba City Schools has formulated a plan that could be an answer to the issue for many.

The Elba Career Academy at Elba City Schools has announced it will expand its education and training program with the opening of the Elba Early Childcare Academy. This venture will be housed at Elba Elementary School and will be able to provide childcare services for children ages 6 weeks old through age 4 years old.

“We’re doing this because this school is the community,” Superintendent Chris Moseley said. “The community needs something right now regarding childcare services, and we have the capability to do it. We want to do this for the community.”

The superintendent said he also knows that Westside Baptist Church is looking to add a childcare service also to help the community as well.

Christina Morgan, career technical director for Elba City Schools, said the Elba Early Childcare Academy is expected to open in early September, and spaces are limited in each age group. She said she is very excited about the opportunity to both meet a community need for affordable childcare and the need for the education and training students to be able to observe children of all ages develop.

“Currently, our education and training high school students are able to observe children in the age range of PreK through 6th grade,” Morgan said. “This opportunity will allow them to be able to observe children at a much younger age which will allow them to gain valuable knowledge in the areas of cognitive, physical, social, emotional and language development.” 

Morgan said the Elba Early Childcare Academy will provide quality care for participants while giving current Elba High School and Coffee County high school students an opportunity to observe children explore, learn and play while meeting developmental milestones. 

Moseley said Elba City Schools also had reached out to Coffee County Schools letting teachers there know the childcare services will become available at Elba for those wanted to enroll their children as well. He said the new program at Elba could hold up to 43 children ages 6 weeks through age 4.

There will be tuition charges, just as at any childcare facility, Moseley said. After the program is up and running, he said there could be grants available to help subsidize the costs; however, that is not an option until after the new facility is pre-established.

Tuition for the Elba Early Childcare Academy will be $125 week fee for the Infant/Young Toddler Class and $115 weekly fee for the Older Toddler/Preschool Class. Also, there is a $50 non-refundable registration fee for a child to be enrolled in the childcare academy – the child does not have a reserved spot until this registration fee is paid.

To enroll your child, please complete the form located at the link listed below, or pick up a form at the Elba City Schools Central Office located at 131 Tiger Drive, Elba, AL 36323


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