During the special called meeting Monday morning, Sept. 30, of the Elba Board of Education, superintendent Chris Moseley had good news for board members regarding the system’s graduation rate and college and career readiness numbers. Moseley said PARCA [Public Affairs Research Council of Alabama] released the numbers last week for Alabama’s College and Career Readiness Preparedness compared to Graduation Rates. In 2012, the Alabama State Board of Education adopted Plan 2020, which had a vision for the state education system. The plan was to raise Alabama’s high school graduation rate to 90 percent while at the same time producing graduates who are better prepared for college and the workplace. Since the plan was initiated, the state has improved its graduation rate from 72 percent in 2011 to 90 percent in 2018, according to last week’s report. The numbers released by PARCA show that in 2016 Alabama graduated 87 percent of its students but only 66 percent were college and career ready. In 2017 the gap closed some with 89 percent graduating statewide and 71 percent college and career ready. The most recent numbers reveal that 90 percent graduated in 2018 and 75 percent were college and career ready across the state. During Monday morning’s Elba BOE meeting, Superintendent Moseley said the Elba School System has shown improvements too, and the school system is above the state average as well. In 2016-2017, Moseley said Elba had a graduation rate of 95.4 percent and 68 percent rate for college and career readiness. However, he said the numbers released last week shows only an 11 percent gap between the two numbers with a 94.4 percent graduation rate with 83.3 percent college and career ready. “We’ve done a really good job of closing the gap and getting our students college and career ready,” Moseley said. “Also, some of the Coffee County students get credentials here as well, and Mr. [Kevin] Killingsworth and I work closely together to do what’s best for students, especially the students we share in our systems in the Elba Career Academy.” In the overall report, the Elba City School System came in ranked just above the Enterprise City School System. Also during Monday’s board meeting, the superintendent announced that the 21st Century grant did not come through for Elba this year; however, he said that is not an uncommon thing as those grants often times go to other school systems. He did say there is a plan in place for paying for the after-school program and officials were working on that transition this week. Moseley said he would have more to report on this matter at the board’s regular meeting in October. Upon the superintendent’s recommendation, board member voted unanimously to join the Alabama Purchasing Cooperative. The superintendent said while there is a small fee to join this purchasing cooperative, the school system would save enough when it soon purchases a bus to more than recover the fee.

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