During the monthly board meeting Tuesday evening, Aug. 20, superintendent Chris Moseley told Elba Board of Education members that student numbers are looking good for the school year, especially in the elementary grades. Although the 20-day mark on attendance numbers was yet to be reach for the new school year [2019-2020], which is the enrollment numbers the state looks at regarding funding to schools, Moseley said enrollment as of last week was pretty close to where the school ended at the end of the 2018-2019 school year. “We are just hoping to get some more in before that 20-day mark,” Moseley said. He noted that it seems to happen every year where the high school begins the year with less students but seemingly gains throughout the school year to end with more students than it began with for the school year. As of last week, however, he said the elementary school had 325 students enrolled in those grades. “All of our big groups are at the elementary school right now,” Moseley said. He said the big thing was that the numbers do seem to be increasing, especially at the elementary level. Overall, Moseley said early enrollment numbers as of last week had the school system with just over 600 students total. “We’ve had a great start to the school year,” Moseley said. “We have a lot going on already at both schools. It is definitely busy.” After approving the July 2019 financial statement and payment of the bills, board members also voted to approve the OCAP Service Agreement for the year. Moseley said this is an agreement the school system signs each year with OCAP for special education services provided to Head Start. The board voted unanimously to approve signing the contract. The superintendent did ask board members to enter into an executive session, and board attorney Merrill Shirley certified it to be an appropriate reason for entering executive session. Shirley said the matter was to discuss disciplinary actions regarding a student. After about a 5-minute executive session, the board returned to open meeting, and board chairman Greg Sowell said no actions were taken during the executive session. The board then voted to approve a motion to give the superintendent discretion regarding disciplinary actions to be taken for the student discussed. “We trust you will do what is best in this matter under the circumstances,” board member Matt Brunson said to Moseley.

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