The Elba City Council appointed three new people to the Elba Housing Authority board Monday night, Nov. 25, during the regular bimonthly meeting for the council. The need for the appointments came to fruition following an announcement by three board members that they would each be resigning from the board, citing person matters in each case according to Elba Mayor Mickey Murdock. The three resigning from the board included Sue Johnson, Kaye Ellis, and Donald Lawford. Lawford was serving as chairman of the board at the time of his resignation. Upon the recommendation of Elba Housing Authority executive director Laurie Chapman, the council voted to appoint Tanya Cole to a 1-year term, Angie Newby to a 2-year term, and Lynn Corder to a 5-year term. The appointments were effective immediately. Also citing a resignation was Elba Police Lt. Russ Young as he provided an update from the police department to council members. Young said the department had once again lost an officer to a neighboring agency. He said this officer had resigned from Elba to take a position with the Covington County Sheriff’s Department. Lt. Young did note that Covington County would have to reimburse Elba for funds spent to send this officer to the police academy. He said state law says an officer committed to an agency that sends him to the academy for two years, and if he leaves that agency before the two years are up the new agency has to reimburse the funds to the one that paid for the academy costs. Lt. Young said an officer currently serving on a part-time status had shown interest in joining Elba’s force full-time, and he would replace the officer leaving if that worked out. Council members approved a resolution authorizing the mayor to sign a promissory note for the purpose of purchasing a garbage truck. Murdock said the amount of the loan would be $205,000 plus interest. The council approved a motion for the city to submit application for the Rebuild Alabama Act Annual Grant Program Application [Fiscal Year 2020] for the City of Elba. The council decided, if approved for the funds, that Elba would use the monies to pave Simmons Street to Claxton Ave along with the school bus road [road between the high school and elementary school]. The estimated cost of this project is $299,245. The grant funds being applied for are $250,000, and the city and school system would pay the cost above that $250,000 [if approved]. Before adjourning, the council agreed to hold both of the required meetingsDecember on the night of Monday, Dec. 9th.

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