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The Elba City Council approved the Fiscal Year 2021 budget during its meeting held Monday evening, Nov. 9, and included in that budget was pay raises for employees. The budget estimates total operation revenues of $3,845,220 for Fiscal Year 2021. That number is $31,235 less than the actual operational revenues for Fiscal Year 2020, which was $3,876,455. Projected operational expenses for FY2021 were $3,432,000 up just over $82,000 from the FY2020 expenditures of $3,352,362. Council members voted unanimously to approve the budget, in which Mayor Tom Maddox said had been discussed in length at a previous work session. City clerk Sally Bane confirmed the budget included a pay raise for employees. She said the dispatchers at the Elba Police Department had already received a pay raise, and the new budget called for a $1.50 per hour raise for police officers and a 50 cents per hour raise for all other city employees. After approving the budget, Mayor Maddox asked the council to postpone the pay raises until the first pay period in December 2020 to allow the Elba Water and Electric Board to approve its budget at its next meeting (Nov. 30th). He said that way, all pay raises for employees would coincide. The council voted to approve this request by Mayor Maddox. Also, during the Nov. 9th council meeting, bills totaling $136,508.50 were approved for payment. The council reviewed the bills with the mayor pointing out and explaining several out-of-the-norm expenses prior to the council voting to approve the bills. Upon recommendation of Elba Housing Authority director Laurie Chapman, the council approved re-appointing Tanya Cole to another term on the housing authority board. Her new term will expire Nov. 2025. Due to the Thanksgiving holiday next week, the council voted to move its second November meeting to Monday, Nov. 30, at 5:30 p.m. at Elba City Hall. The Elba Water and Electric Board will meet for its monthly meeting immediately following the council meeting.

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