Alumni check for PA system

On behalf of the Elba High School Alumni Association, member Neil Grantham, left, presents a $4,000 check to Elba City Schools Superintendent Chris Moseley to help with the purchase and installation of a new PA System at Tiger Stadium.

The Elba High School Alumni Association answered a call for assistance last week when a check was presented to Elba City Schools superintendent Chris Moseley to help with the purchase and installation of a new Public Announcing System at Tiger Stadium. “A portion of the current PA system at Tiger Stadium went bad during Homecoming activities back in October,” said Alumni Association president Linda Hodge. “Knowing the important role Tiger Stadium plays not only for our schools but also for our entire community for events, the officers of the alumni association asked immediately if there was anything we could do to help.” With the football playoffs coming up, Hodge said there was an immediate need to get something done about the PA system. “A major goal of our organization is to be able help our school system with needs when they arise,” Hodge said. “We were in a position to help with this need and jumped on the opportunity to help the school system get it done and done quickly.” Superintendent Moseley said school officials had worked very hard since the speakers went out at homecoming to get a new system ready. “It is great to have an alumni association that has continued to grow and raise money and can be helpful in a time like this,” he said. “I would like to thank the alumni association for their donation to help get a new PA system at the stadium.” The alumni association donated $4,000 to the new PA system, which is just under half the total cost. “There was never any doubt in the minds of our officers when this issue arose,” Hodge said. “We knew we needed to help the school, and we were proud to be able to help as much as we could because the PA System at Tiger Stadium is something that is an asset to our entire community.” According to Moseley, the new PA System is expected to be operational by Friday night’s football game when Elba will host Marengo in the opening round of the 2019 Alabama High School Football Playoffs. “Based on the specs of this new system, I truly believe it will be something the entire community and visitors to our stadium will appreciate,” Hodge said. “It is great to live in a community like Elba where everyone is always so willing to help one another.” Moseley also noted the help of the City of Elba in getting things ready for the new system to be installed before Friday’s playoff game. “I appreciate the city and the hard work they have put in to help get the new system ready for our playoff game,” he said. “They have done a tremendous job in helping us with this project, and we are very thankful.”

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