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Elba Fire Department ATV-1 (shown here) was stolen from the department Saturday night while firefighters were battling a fire. The man charged with stealing the utility vehicle, Jakori Warren, reportedly wrecked it near 661 E Davis Street by crashing into a lightpole. 

Elba Police Chief Leslie Hussey confirmed the Saturday night, July 18, arrest of an individual that had reportedly stolen an ATV from the Elba Volunteer Fire Department building. After allegedly stealing ATV, the individual later wrecked it near an Elba business.

Members of the Elba Fire Department responded to the Saturday night structure fire after it was reported to Elba Dispatch at 10:16 p.m. At approximately 11:30 p.m., Chief Hussey said his department received an ATV complaint in the downtown area. 

In response to the ATV complaint, Hussey said one of his officers came in contact with the ATV and attempted to make a traffic stop; however, the operator of the ATV eluded the stop.

“After a brief 15 mile per hour chase, the operator of the ATV struck a light pole in the area of National Security on Davis St,” Chief Hussey said. “It was soon determined the ATV had been taken stolen from the Elba Fire Department building while the firefighters were attending to a active fire on Martin Luther King Drive.”

Hussey said Jakori Warren, age 25, of Elba, was apprehended by Elba Police at approximately 11:37 p.m. He was arrested and charged with burglary – third degree, theft of property – first degree, attempting to elude [no injury], and resisting arrest. 

A Facebook post from the Elba Fire Department further confirmed the equipment had been stolen and involved in a wreck, indicated Elba Fire Department’s ATV-1 “crashed into a utility pole, potentially totaling our piece of life-saving equipment.”

According to the fire department, the ATV was removed from the wreck scene and moved to a secure location with significant body, frame, and drive train damage.

Police Chief Hussey said it was fortunate that no person was injured as a result of this incident, including the suspect.

As of press time this week, Warren remained in the Coffee County Jail. 

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