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Pictured Left to Right: (Row 1) Casey Sides, Jaquentis Jackson, Matthew Gulley, Jeremy Davis, VuQuang, Glen Loveday, Daniel Haynes, Dustin McGraw, Roger Kirksey – Guidon Bearer, Austin Barnes, Diana Cienfuegos, Alexander Matthews, Adam Pilgreen, Charles May, Floyd Buchanan, Zakkery Hashman, Jason Walker; (Row 2) Lt. Terry King, Sgt. Dewayne Nosea, Tpr. Lucy Edwards, Sgt. Jeremy Lett, Cpl. Buck Federick, Denzel Witherspoon, Jeremy Keeton, James Dean, Kenneth Fleming, Nathaniel Brown, Russell Wright, Guyel Martin, Michael Jhons, Joseph Freeman, Kody Taylor, John Luckie, John Miller, Brandon Vail, John Wright, Justin Barnes, Jordan Seahorn, Nathanael Walker, Tpr. Jeremiah Headley, Cpl. Brock Gwaltney, Sgt. Darryl Zuchelli, Lt. James Helms; (Row 3) Joshua Kelley, Ryan Nolen, Fabian Pool, Jerry Williams Jr., Hunter Griffin, Jacob Duke, Brandon Simmons, Tyrone Crenshaw, Earl Dean, Prisciliano Diaz III, Paul Richey, Philip (Ashton) Senn, William LaMar, Jonah Holzheimer, Marshall Westbrook, Colton Ennis, Derrick Brooks, Eugene Lawson Jr.

The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA) graduated 52 new ALEA Troopers on Wednesday, Nov. 4, during a closed ceremony held in the auditorium of the Alabama Criminal Justice Training Center (ACJTC), in Selma, Ala., including a native of Elba. Class 2020-E had three members whose fathers are sworn members of ALEA. Trooper Jonah Holzheimer is the son of Trooper Kenneth Holzheimer; Trooper Ashton Senn is the son of Special Agent Johnny Senn of ALEA’s State Bureau of Investigation; and Trooper James Dean is the son of Trooper Jimmy Dean, who passed away in February. Proud dad, Johnny Senn of Elba, became an Alabama State Trooper on April 22, 2001, a position he served for several years before advancing his career to join the Alabama State Bureau of Investigations (SBI) office. He currently is working as the Background Investigations Coordinator for the SBI Director’s Office. Johnny said he is very proud of Ashton as he has chosen a career to serve and protect the people of Alabama. Ashton is an alumnus of Elba City Schools. Trooper Class 2020-E, which began Aug. 30, is one of the largest classes in the agency’s recent history. It is also ALEA’s first combined class, with a portion of the graduates already having law enforcement experience. The class consisted of 12 ALEA Trooper Trainees who received their certification from the Alabama Peace Officers Standards and Training Commission (APOSTC) from June 1 to Aug. 27. In addition, 40 accelerated Trooper Trainees who were already APOSTC-certified joined Aug. 30. Thanks to the continued support from Governor Kay Ivey and the legislature, ALEA has hired 118 Troopers since Jan. 1. ALEA Secretary Hal Taylor noted that if this support continues, it will enable ALEA to hire additional Troopers in the future. “Forty of you are from 26 different (law enforcement) agencies. We want to thank you for having the confidence in us to come here and complete training,” Taylor said during the ceremony. “I promise you; we will not let you down and we will support you.” ALEA has provided a full, unedited video of the graduation ceremony for friends and family of graduates who were not able to attend due to COVID-19. To watch, visit

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