Elba Police arrested two individuals Tuesday, June 8, on drug trafficking charges after they visited a local pharmacy.

The suspects, residents of Springfield, Illinois, reportedly drove through Alabama last Tuesday, and Police Chief Leslie Hussey said it was his understanding they had stopped at least two other pharmacies in Alabama before stopping in Elba. He said the investigation revealed the suspects had stolen the information of a Birmingham, Ala. doctor to allow them to use his identification to call in prescriptions to pharmacies.

“Upon their arrest, the two suspects had in their possession 828 grams of liquid codeine,” Chief Hussey said. “For information purposes, it takes only 4 grams of illegally possessing a narcotic for a person to be charged with trafficking.”

He said it only takes a conviction of illegally possessing 56 grams of a narcotic to receive a life sentence in jail. 

“These suspects were illegally possessing over 800 grams of the narcotic,” Hussey said. “This incident remains under investigation as we are fairly certain the two suspects arrested on June 8th do not work alone.”

Arrested by Elba Police in this incident were Isaiah Nubern, age 26, and Sheaneal Lee, age 41, both of Springfield, Ill. They each are charged with drug trafficking [$250,000 bond each] possession of marijuana – 2nd degree [$5,000 bond each], and a misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia [$2,000 bond each].

As of press time this week, both suspects remained in the Coffee County Jail.

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