Cook's portable trailer

LC Cook’s portable smokehouse BBQ trailer has become a staple to sit on this lot each weekend in downtown Elba to allow Cook to sell his BBQ to customers. Early Saturday morning, Aug. 24, the trailer was stolen from the lot around 4:50 a.m.

Over the past several years, Mr. Cook’s Portable BBQ Smokehouse trailer has become a staple in downtown Elba set up in a lot at the corner of Claxton Avenue and Simmons Street. The owner, LC Cook, cooks and sells his tasty BBQ and fixings to his clientele. Last week was no different as Cook set the portable trailer up towards the end of the work week and prepared for a weekend full of normal business. However, that all changed early Saturday morning, Aug. 24, as someone allegedly decided to steal the trailer from its spot in downtown Elba. Monday evening, Aug. 26, Elba Police Chief Leslie Hussey said the portable trailer was still missing; however, the truck used to tow the trailer away had been found in Niceville, Fla. It too was a stolen vehicle, Hussey said. “The truck the suspect was driving when he stole the trailer was reported stolen from Crenshaw County,” Hussey said. “That truck was located in Niceville; however, Mr. Cook’s trailer is still missing.” Hussey said surveillance cameras captured the truck pulling the trailer as it exited Elba around 4:50 a.m. Saturday morning. Then, around 5:40 a.m., the alleged suspect stopped at a convenient store in Samson, Ala. to purchase gas. Hussey said surveillance video in that store shows the alleged suspect talking with a store clerk. He said investigators with the police department are reviewing that video to try and determine a potential identification on the suspect in this theft. Anyone with information that might help the Elba Police Department recover this portable trailer, is asked to call the department at (334) 897-2555. In other reports from the police department, Chief Hussey said Elba Police had been successful over the past two weeks in assisting both the City of Opp and Geneva County officials in recovering some stolen property from those areas. Also, he said an alleged shooting Friday morning, Aug. 23, in downtown Elba remains under investigation. Reportedly, a gunshot was directed from a person in one vehicle toward a person in a second vehicle. This incident occurred in the area of the intersection of Claxton Avenue and Buford Street at approximately 11:36 a.m. Chief Hussey said it currently is a ‘shots fired’ incident as no one came forward from the incident to report being shot. He said both vehicles kept going after the reported gunshot. Hussey said officials were working to identify both the suspect and victim in this incident.

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